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Old MBG video with my dad and I and Week of Wicked Workouts!

NEWS FEED: Bobby Hinds, owner of Lifeline USA training equipment and his son Jon Hinds, owner and founder of the Monkey Bar Gymnasium, installed Jon's innovative natural training systems in the Middleton-Cross Plains School District in the Madison, Wisconsin area to great success. Attendance and performance in PE for ALL kids, not just athletes, soared. Previously, participation in P.E. in the schools was low, as were student scores in their annual physical fitness tests. The students at Kromrey Middle School produced this video as a thank you to Jon Hinds and his father Bobby Hinds, founder of LifeUSA, the company that pioneered functional fitness products that are embraced by professional and amateur athletes around the world. Steve Myrland, a local sports trainer, was also recognized for his contributions.
This was a cool event and it was really cool to do this with my pops:)
We still help out alot of schools all over the country and thats such a blast:)
This w…

Roger Eischens Video...TIP: 1" of effort makes 1 incredible training!

Roger leading his yoga class back in the day....simple & strong!! This weekend Jessie and I took an Eischens Yoga Seminar (all weekend) from Head Eischens Yoga instructor Kari Tomashik....simply put it was amazing. Why? because she's so adept at seeing the body
and reading it like a book and giving you feedback that enhances each pose to the Nth degree to make
each pose turn from average to amazing. Now i've been doing Eischens Yoga for almost 15 years now and i love that there is so much more to learn and grow from and so much more for my body and especially my mind to grow from as well. THIS is what Kari challenged both Jess and I take our EY practice to a higher level, to challenge ourselves within each pose to open it up 1" more, to pay a little more attention to NOT lifting the ribs. Subtle cues but powerful when done on every pose. Over the weekend she took all people from looking tight and weak to looking opened and strong! It was so amazing, i wish …

MBG Chicago 1 year Birthday!! Breaking of un-healthy patterns: training, eating, restoration

One year ago Monkey Bar Gym - Chicago opened on probably not the best day to open:) Feb 14th a holiday:) It's crazy looking back over the last year and realizing all the hoops and hurdles we've jumped to get to where we are today. Like life it's a process, learning and growing, making changes for the better, listening to our heart and following it! This is a key to being happy and healthy, the lessons when you do not listen are sometimes hard and challenging but if we look at them in a positive light, they are lessons that make us stronger! That is how i like to look at all lessons learned over the last year....they just made me and the mbg chi better and our vision clearer:). Within this last year despite some incredible obstacles we're a month away from being at the break even point which for a new facility is a big deal! So i'm happy about that!
This makes me think of how we all can get into negative patterns that do not feed our heart, our soul, our spirit. Some…

CHECK OUT Tuesdays Monkey Wrench! good job MBG training and eating today!

Hope this video inspires you to challenge yourself to some high levels on tuesdays workout.
Be ready cause it's not just tomorrow for Monkey Wrenches...Tuesday! Wednesday! Thursday and Fryday!!!:) Fun and very challenging modifications:)
Today was first day i actually worked out with some other MBG trainers in awhile! Jeremy and Sam and I trained todays was good:)
KB cleans 5-1 with partners holds: used 28s, pretty easy:) haha, just getting feet wet again here so chill:) hahaKB presses 5-1 with partner holds: used 28s again for military 5,4, then push presses 3,2,1, made it!!:)Power wheel alligator plyo push ups for 10/8/6/4/2...very hard! made it to finishing 6 before dropping for a second, finished good though:)BXT assisted Muscle ups for 5-1 with 2 reds, 1 magenta bands...perfect assistance as this was perfectly challenging to finish my 1 last rep:)D-ball cleans 5-1 with 100lb d-ball....hard, but not too…

Important question to ponder, Soul Training and Tip of the Day!

This week has been one of the busiest weeks of the last year for me as we are going thru some growing pains and so my involvement is at a high right now in my MBG businesses. So lots of meetings, travel and you guessed it....stress, less sleep, fatique, less intense workouts....eventually crashing and burning. Acknowledging this point is important, doing something about it even more what do you do to get full energy recovery? That is the question for you's some choices:
Is it eating the perfect diet?Is it taking lots of recovery and sleep supplements?Is it doing some meditation?Is it doing the perfect workouts?Or none of the above?The answer might surprise you but my good friend John Allen Mollenhauer (performance and energy expert) made a great point when talking to me the other night....NOTHING can fix you up like listening to your body and getting to the point of full recovery. The perfect diet, the perfect workouts, supplements....none of that stuff…