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haha isnt he a cute little dog!!:)
As mentioned a week or two ago i've been really listening to my body and mind and only training as i feel, never more and it feels good and i'm actually improving numbers and beating some records too despite still having some rough nights of sleep (busy business and busy mind .... usually about 3 in the morning til 5:) haha it's a process!!:) haha
MBG 1 - restoration and sleep: Eischens Yoga daily + about 5-6 hours of sleep a night, feeling 65%:)
MBG 2 - training....soul training!!:)
Monday did simple stuff...
Assisted MU's did ascending sets 3 bands, 3 + vest, 2 bands, 2 + vest for same reps as last weeks best.
Then did 4 x 8 of pullups to chest and tiger push ups with 2 vests 34lbs
Tuesday did simple running of the stairs:)
Wednesday did BJJ this morning as my warm up then got all new records on AMU's!
  1. AMU's: *22 + 3 bands (2 gr, 1 red) / *13 + 3 bands + 17lb vest / *7 + 2 bands / *2 + 2 bands + vest (this is really great improvement! just a few weeks ago when beginning assisted muscle ups with the Power Jumpers 3 bands i could barely get 10 and not close with 2 bands!!)
  1. Dips: 35 / 21 + 17lb vest / 11 + 34lb vests / 7 + 51lb vests            alternated with;
  2. PJ assisted Pull Ups to sternum: 16 + 2 greens / 11 + 2 gr, 17lb vest / 6 + 1 gr / 2 + 1 gr, 17lb vest
3.75*:) wasnt feeling great before workout, but felt really good during workout today:) good marks!!MBG 3 - eating:)
  • green tea
  • kale, wild rice, garbanzo beans
  • organic food bar
  • kale, brussel sprouts, mushrooms, onions, peas, beans, cashews
  • apple, sunflower butter
  • veggie soup, spinach salad with tomato and onions, vegan burger on hemp bread with cole slaw!!:) 
UPCOMING COURSES: My friends i never ask much from any of you more than answering some fun questions i've asked and some you've asked:) Tonight i wanted to tell you all of my upcoming MBG courses and ask if you can supoort them yourself and/or by inviting a friend or two to them. Many of you follow my blog that i've never met and it would be my pleasure to meet some of you at any and all of these upcoming events:) So please check them out and hopefully we'll be talking face to face soon!

My next MBG Courses:

  1. CNT Intensive: February 23rd - 28th, 2012, Thousand Oaks CA - located at the NEW MBG Thousand Oaks!!

  2. Online Lean & Green Warrior Training seminar: Beginning February 28, 2012, 6pm PST for 5 tuesdays in a row - located at

  3. Jon Hinds & Mike Mahler weekend training seminar: June 9th, 10th, Madison, WI - Monkey Bar Gym Madison

  4. CNT Intensive: August 9th - 14th, 2012, Madison WI - Located at the NEW MBG Madison! (If all goes as planned:)

    Peace my friends:) Thank you much for your support as always:)

    Your friend,



  1. Jon
    As always would love to support all you do. This is the first I have heard about the lean green course.


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