New MBG Video, Update from the last week of my MBG 3:) Monkey Bar Gym Video!!!
This is a brand new MBG video that is simply awesome:)! Check it out, pass it to others!
Man i love this one, my Bar-barian brother slick Rick made this....he's got crazy skills!!!
Just got back from LA teaching a Jungle Gym XT course at a Golds Gym in Marrietta and
it went really great! Full class, eager students/trainers and excellent grasp of how use the JGXT.
After 10 hours of traveling to get there Jessica and I arrived and began early saturday morning.
The class was full, all the GG trainers were really opened to learn and had great energy.
After just a few minutes it became really a fun event, lots of laughing and lots of learning.
Every time i teach it's amazing how much i learn while teaching....each time there are
Golden Nuggets of info that come out...that is just fun:) love that!!:)
After the course jess and i drove up to check out MBG Thousand Oaks;
Stopped in Angeles National Park ... awesome!! here's a Jessie sitting and thinking:)
Then MBG TO....awesome!!!:) Beautiful space right on the main drag, 25' ceilings and over 20 yards of shuttle running space too, they put up a solid monkey bar system too....very well done!
Last week of training has been the same intensity and pretty much keeping the workouts extra simple and easy....not sure exactly if it's my sleep (4-5 hours a night), the growing pains of the MBG or lack of any actual vacations (none in last year and a half) but i'm still feeling pretty tired and so still listening to my body mind and just doing simple workouts ONLY if i'm feeling up to it along with doing my Eischens Yoga as much as possible, sleeping as much as i can and resting as much as i can.
TRAINING: my training has been Assisted Muscle ups for about 4 ascending sets and even though tired i'm still improving and breaking my best each week. Last week before leaving to LA hit *26 on first set, then tied 2nd set at 15, then 10 tied, then *3 on last set (54 plus 6 from previous best) Monday when i got back and slept for 4 hours i said i'll just do my best BUT i'm gonna start my first set even with my previous workouts 2nd sets (3 bands + 17lb weight vest).
2 WEEKS AGO NUMBERS: 22, 13,    7,    2 = 44 (3 bands, 3 bands + vest, 2 bands, 2 bands + vest)
LAST WEEK NUMBERS: 26,     15,   10,   3 = 54
THIS WEEK NUMBERS:          *18, *12, *5, 0 no kip (1 w/kip but dont count that) = *35
New Levels of AMU:              3 bands + vest, 2 bands, 2 bands + vest, 1 band
SO Despite being very tired still up'd my numbers and form is improving each week. this was the plan if you remember 6-8 weeks ago i was getting muscle ups but my form was not good and i was still having to pull myself back towards and over the bar as my arms were straight when half way up when they should be completely bent.....that is why i changed to using the Power Jumper to assist my MU's and make my form proper and i feel it's working really well!
After doing my AMU's on Monday i then did a simple Jungle Gym XT prison 10-1 workout of chin ups and dips and it felt really great! Look forward to sleeping good tonight and having a good training day tomorrow:)
  • green tea, stevia, almond milk
  • soaked oats, chia seeds, hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, almond milk, banana, blueberries
  • kale, cous cous, pine nuts, mung beans, pumpkin seeds, tomato, onions, corn
  • organic macro bar
  • honeycrisp apple, almond butter
  • Native foods for dinner - twister wrap, mixed greens salad, african nut soup
Well time to go walk Nuka and Stoney my friends:) I wish you all much peace:)


  1. What's the buyout portion of the workouts? I've been out of the loop the past couple of months due to my first pregnancy. Ready to get back at it!

  2. Jonny, after you soak your oats, do you cook them too? Or eat them like cereal using the almond milk? Trying to get more plant based and I love seeing what you're eating. It helps a ton. So thanks!!

  3. MEG - the buyout is simply a challenge at the end of the workout...a finisher:) short and sweet:)
    CHRIS - yeah just soak them minimum 10 minutes or even over night is fine, i do so with added nut's seeds, berries etc already mixed in and then eat and it's great! tell me how you like it okay!

  4. One more oat question Jon :) What type of oats do you use? Thanks my friend!

  5. quick oats are easiest and glad you guys like the video! i do too:) haha


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