Great LA trip! Friends & Food and some fun!! all in 48 hours!!

Here's a quick shout out to my old friends and some new friends i met during our 48 hours in LA:)
It was really a pleasure to meet the Colin Campbell foundation crew led by Jack Murphy who's a really good and honest person we hope to work with more. Colin they did a great job! Jess and i had a great time, they took care of everything, the lecture went great with a good crowd, lots of variety of people in the crowd (bodybuilders, power lifters, olympic lifters, functional training folks to vegan, veg, plant based all the way to meat based:) The crowd asked alot of great questions and we had alot of fun!!
So the lecture went great but i also wanted to say how fun it was to see my old friends and meet alot of new ones. Met with old friends like Henry Akins (BJJ master), Mr. Matt Zaborowski (MBG Silverback who i hope moves back here to chicago soon!!:) and his lovely lady Jenny "i'm little but tough as nails" Foxx, to JP (John Pierre) a really old friend who i havent seen in about 15 years!!!:) JP is a hard core 30 year vegan who walks the walk, if you want a true person look him up cause he is one:) Last but not least is the MBG Moorpark and MBG Thousand Oaks crew....all supported big time! Thanks Kevin, Justin, Jeremy, Zack!
Then met some new friends like Robert Cheeks from vegan and we've played e-mail tag for over a year and finally met! Very cool guy and it was a pleasure! Bryon Au (raw vegan super chef!) this guy is a riot, and i mean that 1000% one of the funniest guys i've ever met and he knows his stuff too whippin' up amazing meals in 5 minutes for us all!! Tasty as heck!! Then also met award winning Shaun Monson the director of Earthlings...powerful movie all should see. For sure check all these kind folks out, they are all kind, conscious and honorable people and i'm very happy to have met them and gotten to talk and hang with them all! MUCH LOVE!!:)
MBG 1 restoration - actually slept about 8 hours each night in LA:) did my Eischens Yoga each morning too:)
MBG 2 training - a bit tired today from our 48 hour LA trip and being crazy busy today so decided to listen and train simple:)
  1. Assisted Muscle ups with 3 bands + vest for 10 sets of 10 (this felt really good and strong!)
  2. Dips + vest: 5 x 10
  3. Chins to sternum with 2 bands + vest: 5 x 10
for how tired i was this felt great!!:) happy when i left:) 3.7*
MBG 3 plant strong eating!
  • Water and lemon, then some green drink and water
  • raw greens food bar
  • potato, tons of spinach, onions, peppers and black beans
  • organic food bar
  • mixed greens, beets, onions salad, then brown rice, mock chicken, broccoli, spinach
  • apple
OVERALL: great trip! One big shout out to VIRGIN AMERICAN airlines, man i'm flying this company as much as possible....great service and business, attention to detail was awesome and much appreciate...if you can fly them, they're really the best i've ever flown:)

My UPCOMING MBG Courses & Events: (please share:)

  1. SIGN UP NOW!! CNT Intensive: February 23rd - 28th, 2012, Thousand Oaks CA - located at the NEW MBG Thousand Oaks!! go to

  2. SIGN UP NOW!! Online Lean & Green Warrior Training seminar: Beginning February 28, 2012, 6pm PST for 5 tuesdays in a row - located at

  3. SIGN UP NOW!! CNT Intensive: August 9th - 14th, 2012, Madison WI - Located at the NEW MBG Madison! (If all goes as planned:) go to 

    Good trip, looking forward to going back out in 3 weeks for the MBG Intensive listed above to have alot more fun:) 





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  2. Nice Jon. Sounds like a great event and some honest discussion during your lecture. That's a great thing. I changed jobs BTW! Very excited as I'm right across the street from The Golden Mean vegan cafe and walking distance from Real Food Daily. Woo-hoo!

  3. what are you doing then brad? location is awesome though!!:) haha

    1. Same thing. Much better, and healthier, place.


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