Christmas tree from 5th floor video:) training update and More Events:)

It was time to say goodbye to our christmas tree, we live on the 5th floor....simple is better....SO drop it off the porch!!:) haha simplest way to get it down to our car and then to the recycling center:) SO we had to film it of course and it was sort of fun!!:)
Since the last post i've been very busy with work and still in cruise control in my workouts and funny thing is without stressing training hard, i've still made improvements! So that in itself helps my mind and body to feel a bit better.

MBG 1 - did some supine bridge work, focusing on even weight on feet and backs of arms. Then added in some chest expander shoulder mobility circles too....easy and feels great!
MBG 2 - keeping it easy least i thought so...did:
Saturday: heavy jump rope x 50s each way, 10 broad jumps of over 7', 10 split squats each leg, 10 hanging leg raises for amap x in 30 minutes, made it 7 times and whew, good sweat!
Today Monday: i did a workout i did last week, YES i know it's rest and recovery week, well i've been training sort of easy the last 3 weeks so i'm continuing:) Did BJJ this morning as my warm up then got some more PR's on this workout!

  1. AMU's: 21 + 3 bands (2 gr, 1 red) / *15 + 3 bands + 17lb vest / *10 + 2 bands / *2 + 2 bands + vest = *48 (+4 from last week!!) 
  1. Dips: 36 + 0lbs / 23 + 17lb vest / 14 + 34lb vests / 9 + 51lb vests = *82 (+8 since last week!)           alternated with;
  2. PJ assisted Pull Ups to sternum: 18 + 2 greens / 13 + 2 gr, 17lb vest / 6 + 1 gr / 2 + 1 gr, 17lb vest = 39 (+4 from last week)
MBG 3 - 
  • bengal spice, stevia
  • almond yogurt, life's basics, chia seeds, hemp seeds, green powder
  • kale, mixed greens, mushrooms, corn, onions, beans, sunflower seeds, sesame croutons
  • peanut protein macrobar
  • kumbucha
  • mixed greens, onions, tomato salad / sprouted hemp bread, gardein vegan burgers, sauerkraut, vegan cheese (Jessies been making these lately and they are amazing!!)
  • apple, almond butter
  • vegan cookies:) oatmeal raisin!!:)

My UPCOMING MBG Courses & Events:

  1. Jungle Gym XT course, Marrieta California, January 14th - Located at the Golds Gym.

  2. Lean & Green Warrior Training lecture, Los Angeles, CA, January 28th - Located at the LA Convention Center, Los Angeles Fitnes Expo.

  3. CNT Intensive: February 23rd - 28th, 2012, Thousand Oaks CA - located at the NEW MBG Thousand Oaks!!

  4. Online Lean & Green Warrior Training seminar: Beginning February 28, 2012, 6pm PST for 5 tuesdays in a row - located at

  5. Jon Hinds & Mike Mahler weekend training seminar: June 9th, 10th, Madison, WI - Monkey Bar Gym Madison

  6. CNT Intensive: August 9th - 14th, 2012, Madison WI - Located at the NEW MBG Madison! (If all goes as planned:)

    Very busy right now, doing my best to pay attention to how i'm feeling and listening and taking my time with everything i'm doing to make me feel good, rest, recovery, food, training, time with jessie:)
    Have a good night my friends!


  1. Hey Jon,
    Mike Mahler will be in London,England doing a seminar on June 9-10, you might need to check that date....

  2. thanks wayne:) yeah mike and i just spoke and he forgot about it so we're rescheduling it now, most likely august. thanks though:)


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