Big Week at MBG Chi, LA Expo Lecture & bodyweight numbers still climbing!

Having dinner with my friend Colin Campbell:)
WOW, big start to the year at the MBG's, biggest week ever here at MBG Chicago too which is great! It's so fun and exciting to see so many students in class training so hard and loving it so much! PRICELESS:) above pic we're eating dinner with my friend Colin Campbell:) What an awesome person! This weekend we're going to be in LA at the fitness expo and i'll be speaking at the LA Convention center at 5-5:30 sat night all about my transition to being a plant based athlete, person, strength coach...all areas:) The event should be alot of fun as already we're getting some folks talking about how they want to challenge me on it:) COOL:) Stronger, Healthier, better for me, people and planet....argue that!!:) haha
MBG 1 restoration, sleep - doing the Eischens Yoga sequence daily....feels great as the second part here of sleep, still not great...too much stress:) business was moving too fast and thinking too much at night = poor sleep, 2 hours one night 5 the next x 3-4 months = whew tired!:) So my training if you've noticed is very simple, not feeling strong enough to do anything too challenging so i have been keeping it pretty simple and it's working for me:)
MBG 2 training - 
1.23.12 MONDAY (same asst for all sets on each exercise)
  1. Amu *25,   16,  9 = *50 with (3b's + v)
  1. Dips + V 22,  15, 11 = 48 (V = vest and is 17lbs)
  2. 1 arm assisted chins  using bxt3b + V: 13s, 11s, 10s
Very tired rested alot btwn  3* After my first set of the assisted Muscle ups i listened and did not over stress myself and pretty much coasted on this workout and ended up doing the workout, getting the blood flowing which was good:) glad i listened and did not push it too hard:)

1.25.12 WEDNESdAY: used same assistance and / or resistance with each exercise for all sets.
  • Amu with BXT on bars: 2 green bands:  *14, 10, 6 = 30 (great feel)
  • Below use same loads (2bands, 2V pushups and 2g + V chins)
  • Pushups + 2V:  *30,25,20=75 (2 vests)
  • Chin ups + 2g, 2V:  *14, 13,12=37 (2 green bands + 2 vests) yes you might ask why any assistance here
  • 3.7* on this workout, despite my fatique i took my time, it felt really good:) 
MBG 3 plant based eating:
  1. Green drink and organic apple juice
  2. blueberries, banana, sunflower seeds, almond yogurt, chia seeds, hemp seeds, lifes basics
  3. dales raw food bar
  4. kumbucha
  5. mixed greens, quinoa, beans, carrots, beets, onions, corn, pumpkin seeds
  6. apple
  7. spinach, mock chicken salad, seeds, onions and potatoes

My UPCOMING MBG Courses & Events:

  1. Lean & Green Warrior Training lecture, Los Angeles, CA, January 28th - Located at the LA Convention Center, Los Angeles Fitnes Expo.

  2. CNT Intensive: February 23rd - 28th, 2012, Thousand Oaks CA - located at the NEW MBG Thousand Oaks!!

  3. Online Lean & Green Warrior Training seminar: Beginning February 28, 2012, 6pm PST for 5 tuesdays in a row - located at

  4. Jon Hinds & Mike Mahler weekend training seminar: Most likely in August:) Madison, WI - Monkey Bar Gym Madison

  5. CNT Intensive: August 9th - 14th, 2012, Madison WI - Located at the NEW MBG Madison! (If all goes as planned:)

Good night my friends:) sleep tight!:)


  1. Hey Jon,

    Freezing cold and you still had your biggest week at MBGChi, thats awesome!

    Man, stick it up those who challenge the MBG3 path this weekend in LA, I personally, am fitter, stronger, faster and mentally stronger than I have ever been in my whole athletic life at 40 years of age since following the MBG concept and would happily stand beside you in any arguement to the contrary.

    As for sleep and training... man the MBG concept is going forward whether you stress yourself out or not, its a winner. We need you to be fresh and strong and doing those freaky things again that most 20 years olds wouldnt attempt. So what if it takes an extra 12 months to get the MBG concept where you want because you didnt take so much on......sleep a full stressless 8 hours every night, train the house down and enjoy again doing those things that put the Monkey Bar Gym on the map.

    Gotta go eat plants now........ man would love to eat them and talk with Colin Campbell.....


  2. :) thanks alot my brother! you're a good friend no doubt and a perfect example of the power of MBG 3:) i wish you could be standing next to me, that would be more fun for sure!!
    on the sleep, man so much is happening lately it's crazy, i'll tell you more in details on an e-mail...but whew, just awake almost every night for 4-5 hours:) well i'm doing my best:) i'll figure it out soon i feel:) peace my friend!:)

  3. Hey Jon,

    MBG is unstoppable my friend. Foggy's got the right idea for sure. I'm with you on the sleep too. BIG changes in my life right now = lots of time awake thinking.

    Here's a quote I think might be helpful.

    “Stress is basically a disconnection from the earth, a forgetting of the breath. Stress is an ignorant state. It believes that everything is an emergency. Nothing is that important. Just lie down.”

    -Natalie Goldberg

  4. hahaha:) On point my friend:) on point!! have to imagine the further one gets from the earth the worse the headache and stress....because so far from the's not that serious, it's not an emergency:) thanks alot my friend....i'm going to mantra that:) haha


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