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Great LA trip! Friends & Food and some fun!! all in 48 hours!!

Here's a quick shout out to my old friends and some new friends i met during our 48 hours in LA:)
It was really a pleasure to meet the Colin Campbell foundation crew led by Jack Murphy who's a really good and honest person we hope to work with more. Colin they did a great job! Jess and i had a great time, they took care of everything, the lecture went great with a good crowd, lots of variety of people in the crowd (bodybuilders, power lifters, olympic lifters, functional training folks to vegan, veg, plant based all the way to meat based:) The crowd asked alot of great questions and we had alot of fun!!
So the lecture went great but i also wanted to say how fun it was to see my old friends and meet alot of new ones. Met with old friends like Henry Akins (BJJ master), Mr. Matt Zaborowski (MBG Silverback who i hope moves back here to chicago soon!!:) and his lovely lady Jenny "i'm little but tough as nails" Foxx, to JP (John Pierre) a really old friend who i havent …

Big Week at MBG Chi, LA Expo Lecture & bodyweight numbers still climbing!

WOW, big start to the year at the MBG's, biggest week ever here at MBG Chicago too which is great! It's so fun and exciting to see so many students in class training so hard and loving it so much! PRICELESS:) above pic we're eating dinner with my friend Colin Campbell:) What an awesome person! This weekend we're going to be in LA at the fitness expo and i'll be speaking at the LA Convention center at 5-5:30 sat night all about my transition to being a plant based athlete, person, strength coach...all areas:) The event should be alot of fun as already we're getting some folks talking about how they want to challenge me on it:) COOL:) Stronger, Healthier, better for me, people and planet....argue that!!:) haha
MBG 1 restoration, sleep - doing the Eischens Yoga sequence daily....feels great as the second part here of sleep, still not great...too much stress:) business was moving too fast and thinking too much at night = poor sleep, 2 hours one night 5 the next x 3-…

Snow cant stop us!! This Months RESULTS! MBG CHI Night class crushes Card Deck:)

So it's snowing pretty hard here in chi town today and so we closed the MBG tonight....or i thought we did:) Went to walk nuka real quick in the snow and see one guy waiting...he came 45 minutes to train so i couldnt say no so i open up and teach the class thinking just him....6 people came in thru the Blizzard!! Got to love that! Not only did Clara, Jose, Amy, Drew, Kim and John all beat the best class times of the day but clara and john beat the best times of the day too! They were so amped it was awesome, priceless!! When they beat the previous best times of the day by 5 Minutes! Man they all cheered like crazy! That was priceless, that is why i love teaching and see the joy and happiness that challenging, fun and positive social training can do for people!.....Love MBG:)
This week i kept up my training and got continued my improvement each day....Good Stuff!
MBG 1 - restoration training was varied this week, teaching Eischens Yoga this week, doing it on my own, do…

New MBG Video, Update from the last week of my MBG 3:)

Image Monkey Bar Gym Video!!!
This is a brand new MBG video that is simply awesome:)! Check it out, pass it to others!
Man i love this one, my Bar-barian brother slick Rick made this....he's got crazy skills!!!
Just got back from LA teaching a Jungle Gym XT course at a Golds Gym in Marrietta and
it went really great! Full class, eager students/trainers and excellent grasp of how use the JGXT.
After 10 hours of traveling to get there Jessica and I arrived and began early saturday morning.
The class was full, all the GG trainers were really opened to learn and had great energy.
After just a few minutes it became really a fun event, lots of laughing and lots of learning.
Every time i teach it's amazing how much i learn while teaching....each time there are
Golden Nuggets of info that come out...that is just fun:) love that!!:)
After the course jess and i drove up to check out MBG Thousand Oaks;
Stopped in Angeles National Park ... awesome!! h…

Christmas tree from 5th floor video:) training update and More Events:)

It was time to say goodbye to our christmas tree, we live on the 5th floor....simple is better....SO drop it off the porch!!:) haha simplest way to get it down to our car and then to the recycling center:) SO we had to film it of course and it was sort of fun!!:)
Since the last post i've been very busy with work and still in cruise control in my workouts and funny thing is without stressing training hard, i've still made improvements! So that in itself helps my mind and body to feel a bit better.

MBG 1 - did some supine bridge work, focusing on even weight on feet and backs of arms. Then added in some chest expander shoulder mobility circles too....easy and feels great!
MBG 2 - keeping it easy least i thought so...did:
Saturday: heavy jump rope x 50s each way, 10 broad jumps of over 7', 10 split squats each leg, 10 hanging leg raises for amap x in 30 minutes, made it 7 times and whew, good sweat!
Today Monday: i did a workout i did last week, YES i know it's res…

Stoney Pic:) Good Soulfull Training!! Upcoming courses!

As mentioned a week or two ago i've been really listening to my body and mind and only training as i feel, never more and it feels good and i'm actually improving numbers and beating some records too despite still having some rough nights of sleep (busy business and busy mind .... usually about 3 in the morning til 5:) haha it's a process!!:) haha
MBG 1 - restoration and sleep: Eischens Yoga daily + about 5-6 hours of sleep a night, feeling 65%:)
MBG 2 - training....soul training!!:)
Monday did simple stuff...
Assisted MU's did ascending sets 3 bands, 3 + vest, 2 bands, 2 + vest for same reps as last weeks best.
Then did 4 x 8 of pullups to chest and tiger push ups with 2 vests 34lbs
Tuesday did simple running of the stairs:)
Wednesday did BJJ this morning as my warm up then got all new records on AMU's!
AMU's: *22 + 3 bands (2 gr, 1 red) / *13 + 3 bands + 17lb vest / *7 + 2 bands / *2 + 2 bands + vest (this is really great improvement! just a few weeks ago when begi…