To be or not to be, that is the question! Staying true to my roots!

Original MBG Flyer my past brother Greg made, it's to the point, it's very strong! He had no schooling past 1 year of high school but yet knew what the Monkey Bar Gymnasium was...with this statement above he hits points i still have a hard time saying in so few words. I miss him alot still and seeing this brings back alot of memories...some good, some bad, but all lessons about life.  I titles todays blog as "Too be or not to be, that is the question" because one thing Greg said to me way back in the day was to be true to myself, to do those things that make me happy....literally to be true...TO BE! Anything else is false and a waste of time. He lived hard and died even harder but he did his best to be true to the very end of his days. My ROOTS are to be simple, be like nature, playful, instinctive, be happy and healthy. Seeing Gregs words reminded me of this simple truth and today was a good day of rekindling my spirit for myself, my mbg, my training, friends, dogs, cats:) Talked today in many meetings about being honest with ourselves and truly doing what we love, being simple, happy. AND seeing if we can do these things and still do our jobs and i must say the more i talked with friends the better it got, more clarity on all of the above:) MY ROOTS as i said are be simple, strong, playful, passionate, happy, healthy, laughing and loving. I never want to be a slave to numbers, the business or quotas, that is not how i operate. This flyer reminds me of my brother, my lady Jessie, my friends, my animals all remind me as well to stay true to what makes me happy....this is what i experienced today. SO my question was; am i being or not being basically? haha, no doubt sometimes we can get caught up in the rat race, the numbers games, the significance of this or that. Thankfully i have good people around me and a spirit that tells me if i'm on my proper course or not too:) ALL TOGETHER keep my roots deep and strong!!:) But reminders are always cool huh:)

MBG 1 - been doing Eischens Yoga beginner sequence 3 breath holds, sleep has been medium last few nights (having both dogs back:) averaging about 6-7 hours a night, so that's getting better!
MBG 2 - my second week of training under the radar:) keeping things i picked it up just a bit but had NO expectations = it turned out pretty good:) haha
  1. Assisted Muscle Ups (2 green, 1 red PJs) - *16, 14, 14, 14 surprised i broke my record on this:) haha look what a little rest can do:) and listening to mind/body:)
  2. Assisted Muscle Ups (2 greens) - 4 x 4 (very happy with this as my record here is 7 with 2 greens but that was totally fresh at the start of a workout, so hey hey hey:) 
  3. Power Push Up push ups (1 green) - 4 x 10 (very strict reps with pause at bottom 1" and top of each rep)
after this stuff i felt i was done so stopped and feel pretty good:) 3.8* it's not my most intense training ever, just matched how i felt perfectly and left feeling real good!:)
MBG 3 - 
  • green tea, stevia, almond milk
  • hemp bread, peanut butter, raw honey 
  • kale, pine nuts, tomato, beans, onions, sunflower seeds, cous cous
  • green tea, stevia, almond milk
  • raw hummus, blue chips, edemame
  • vegetables, black beans, corn, vegan sausages
Good day:)


  1. Excellent post Jon.

    That flyer needs to come back too, its perfect!

    Its amazing how complex life becomes without us even trying. Before you know it you are on the road leading away from the things that make you happiest. The numbers end up dictating your life.

    Its great to have blogs like this that constantly remind us to keep it real.

    Dont need a big house, flash car or endless bling, just give me good friends, a playground (MBG) to have some fun at and some healthy food (ok "lots" of healthy food !!).

    Keep up the great work mate.


  2. Jon,
    I'm back on the wild west coast of Ireland spending Christmas with my family and friends, been catching up with good kind people who really care.
    My grandmother had a good saying, show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are" and this is true, Christmas is a nice break to gather your thoughts and see what's important, being around people who care about you , doing things that make you smile , do really help you clear the hurdles life can put in your way......
    Hope you all have a great 2012, keep this great blog going and have a blast.

  3. Great message Jon. I started a business 12 years ago (almost to the day...January 1) and was passionate and hoped to also "get ahead"!! Lost the passion about 5 years ago, though it has brought some financial rewards, more importantly it has helped me to reflect.

    I am the happiest i have been for a long time but not to do with money. Primarily it is due to my outlook on my health (fitness and food) and my mind is following ... or i should say catching up very quickly.

    Helping my daughters learn to ride a bike, practising their tennis with them, helping them learn to surf and the list goes on....

    Money has some importance but it is not about having more and more of is about appreciating the simple things in life more and coming to the realisation you don't have to have everything bigger and better each time you think about material items.

    So money is important....if you know how to use it properly and not get tied up in it.

    Have a great 2012.


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