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My Dog Nuka:) Sweet and Crazy little girl:) haha
Since getting up to madison monday i've pretty much been in  meetings all day long both days = me tired:) Also been watching my 3 cats here and Nuka....sort of crazy:) haha
At first i was overwhelmed by it all, my business is BUSY, meetings, dog, cats, fatique, not much energy to what did i do today? I listened to what my body & mind asked and you know what it turned a tough day into a pretty darn good day:) Yeah i did not train hard yesterday (4 rounds of partner push ups and body rows with my friend jeremy 6-1, not the usual 10-1 and it felt great!. Did it again today, a few sets of power jumper squats, hip extensions and HLR's too...that was it...but i felt okay:) I'm cool with it, what i'm writing and sharing tonight is my lesson my dog Nuka taught me, you see Nuka is a rescue dog, she's very scared of alot of things and doesnt listen to me alot:) Doing my best to be good at doing the heel, sit, etc thing, but getting frustrated with it cause the above reasons. SO this morning after getting upset cause she did not come when i called, instead she sat in the mud... ahhhh:) So it's at this point my stress rises and i think why does she do this to me? she's driving me cookoo with this stuff, i'm trying hard to do this right, to discipline properly, to control her...then it hit me, man yes i can do that stuff but i got to do it my way, a way i feel comfortable with, a way that doesnt stress me out nor nuka...and you know what? it worked much better:) So for the rest of the after noon we had fun walking, talking (yes i talk to my dog and cats:) and playing. Then an enlightening moment hit me, i realized before that my cats help me to chill out, cause that is basically all they ever do:) But maybe nuka and her crazy personality are with me to calm me down by ME being patient....not by being calm, but by NOT being calm she will make me calmer, more peaceful and happier? You know how in life we say "everything happens for a reason" well maybe this is correct for us and nuka, for you and your cat, you and your spouse? Why not:) It seems to make sense when we say that about people and the problems we encounter in life, so why not our cats, dogs and whatever else we interact with? Nuka is the sweetest little dog and we love her alot, some folks would say man give her back to the pound, dont stress out over it, but how about instead DONT STRESS OVER IT!!!!:) haha literally, how else am i (or anyone else for that matter) going to learn patience if i'm not in situations that take patience? So tonight i write just to give thanks to my dog Nuka, she is my teacher today and she teaches some hard lessons:) but good one for sure:)
peace, love and happiness my friends:)


  1. Merry Christmas to you and Jessie! Thank y'all for all you do. God Bless!

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  3. Hey Jon!

    Just read this post. My roommate recently rescued a young dog from a shelter. The dog is bringing out the best AND worst of her. Lack of sleep, dog is hard to train, dog bites furniture, she has to wake up super early to walk the dog, etc.

    But she really loves the dog because she also brings out the best (and worst) from the dog. The dog is slowly learning to accept commands, but still acts dumb sometimes. The dog recently learned to eat only when commanded to (even when the food is right in front of the dog's face). The dog is also forcing her to exercise more. [edit] I just tell her as long as it feeds your soul and makes you happy, then do it. Sometimes we zoom in on the bad qualities of a dog that we miss the great qualities too.


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