My theme song for the week: You Gots ta CHILL:)

At the beginning of this week i was preparing to take it up another notch for the 5th straight week, but a funny thing happened....i didnt:) haha. After not having the best sleep over the last few weeks i guess it began to catch up with me....doing my best to sleep well each night but i guess the stress of a growing mbg got me a bit at night and it affected my training starting on monday and continued all week til today....SO i had a choice, one i mentioned to all via video a few weeks ago. To not stress over not improving each week, it happens:) it's OKAY:) haha So what did i do this week, i accepted that i'm not feeling great, that it's okay if i just play this week and enjoy movement, simple movement, focus on my alignment, eat like a champion and do my best to rest when tired and sleep when sleepy.

This week i did not try to break any PR's, but focused 100% on recovering my energy and vitality. I feel alot better today and look forward to monday and this weeks training:) Keeping it simple and listening to my body helped alot and made what could of been a confidence crushing week into a week of doing soul training and just enjoying movement without any worry of reps or sets; do movements i want to practice and get better at, dont count any reps, just do it until it's starting to slow my movement down....basically 1st rep is same as last rep. Then stop when feel like i've done enough so i can walk out the gym feeling good:) It helped alot!
My eating has pretty much been the same way, eating foods i love, that make me feel good, eat when hungry, eat til satisfied....simple:)
SO listening to my mantra song of the week, EPMD's old cut "You gots to chill" worked:) haha
Listening, keeping it simple:) accept the bumps in the's part of life, stay focused on the big and happiness, love and laughter:)
Peace my friends:)


  1. Hey Jon I hear you on the sleeping thing! I was up one night this week at 3 a.m. with a ton of ideas racing thru my head, so I got up and spent an hour doing yoga, then I went back to bed and slept really well.

    What can help A LOT is acupuncture or shiatsu massage to balance your energy. I always sleep better after a treatment. Don't know what your thoughts are on that kind of thing but in Montreal it's very popular. Just an idea!

  2. thanks louise, i'll look into that here and maybe that will help, yeah it can be crazy thinking up things to help business constantly huh:) appreciate your feedback alot too:)
    merci beaucoup!!!:)


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