Improvement:) Simple is good....whats a simple day?

Monkey Chillin on the curb:) haha
Keeping it simple is something i strive for....simple is good, simple makes me happy....SO what is a simple day? THAT is the question haha!! For me it's NOT getting too worked up about work, nothing is that serious, but sometimes it seems like little things are the biggest most  important thing ever huh:) QUESTION FOR TODAY....HOW DO YOU KEEP IT SIMPLE?
I keep it simple by keeping my work to X amount of hours a day instead of just working and working all day, getting outside and riding my bike over driving which here in chicago is a major hassle:) haha, doing my workout anywhere with simple bodyweight exercises, eating my meals i love and then hanging out with's a process no doubt and i can always grow here so what are some things you guys do to make work easier and less stressful? As well as other parts of our lives.
MBG 1 - Did Eischens Yoga for about 2 hours last night, indian clubs, chest expander drills.
MBG 2 - todays training 15/15 x 5 minute each section
  • Assisted MU's (2 green, 1 red)  x 5s / 4s / 4s / 4,3 / 4,3 = *40 New PR (by 4 reps)
  • Dips + 20kg kb (44lbs)             x 5s / 5s / 4s / 4s / 4s = *44 New PR (new challenge resistance)
  • Pull Ups                                    x 5,4 / 5,4 / 4s / 3s / 3s = *38 New PR (by 1 rep)
  • Push Ups + R8 ppu1                x 10s / 8s / 6s / 6s / 6,5 = *71 New PR (by 7 reps)
  • Assisted MU's (2 gr, 1 red)     x 4s / 3s / 3s / 4,3 / 3s   = *33 New PR (by 3 reps)
  • Pull ups touch chest (2 red)    x 5s / 4s / 4s / 4s / 4s    = *42 New PR (by 11 reps)
Felt good during and after this workout 3.8**......Last 3 nights slept 6-7 hours a night....felt okay
MBG 3 -
  • Bengal spice tea
  • soaked oats, walnuts, bananas, lifes basics, greens
  • organic food bar
  • kale, beans, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, tomatoes, onions, corn, carrots, mushrooms
  • veggie, tofu stir fry, brown rice
  • popcorn
Felt pretty good today, really focused on chillin today and just doing what i'm feeling like doing, not forcing anything....sort of like Bruce Lee said "be like water my friend":)
Peace my friends:)


  1. Keeping it simple.....

    Start the day of with a healthy breakfast...everyday!
    I leave work at 6pm EVERY night....
    Workout 3-4 times a more than 40 minutes in total (usually a bit less...)

    Everything else fits around that...

  2. I focus on doing fewer things better. There is such pressure to do more but that rarely leads to mastery or happiness. Don't try to do everything but what you do, really engage and do it well.

  3. I'm trying to keep it simple by learning to take action on the essential few and not suffer paralysis by analysis on the trivial many.

  4. good point all!:) quality over much as i teach and preach things to folks all over the world it's still great to hear good nuggets of knowledge from others to remind myself of the simple things and ways of life:)
    thanks my friends!!

  5. Love the Bruce Lee quote and outlook my friend! Looks like a pretty gnarly 15/15 workout, I'm gonna try that. I'm just about to get a deadhang muscle up anyday here & I've been rocking the pullups to the rib cage. Feeling great since the course!


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