Hardest core workout ever video!!! 2 day results, Eischens Yoga practice:)

This has got to be one of the.... 

hardest power wheel core workouts we've ever??? (DO YOU AGREE? IF NOT WHAT POWER WHEEL WORKOUT IS THE HARDEST?)...GOAL 200 plus yards while doing the 15/15 x 5 minutes (2.5 minutes of actual pw crawling)....after these guys were TOAST!!:) to tell you how hard this was they made 198 yards!!! haha and could not make 200:) Crushing is how i saw it.....you got to do 20+ yards each set (10 total sets).
MBG 1 - rest, recovery, sleep: Been working alot lately and it's been hitting me pretty hard so monday i tappered down my workout and today did the card deck 80% intensity and feels pretty good. Did a solid Eischens Yoga session last 2 days as well and the new higher level poses although very challenging which i like, they are feeling pretty good:) Sleep - still not good, too much on my mind, sleeping maybe 5-6 hours a night max....so doing my best:)
MBG 2 training modified mondays workout to 60% intensity and todays to 80%
  • Strict full rom dips with pause at top of each: 10 sets of 10
  • Strict full rom pull ups with pause at bottom: 10 sets of 5
  • Then finsihed with some assisted MU's (1 green, 2 reds) for about 25 reps + 50 diamond push ups
Overall - 3 * (although i'm not happy about these results, i did it, i did something:) and i did not overdo it and leave feeling wasted, instead i left realizing i did my best and you cant climb a smooth mountain, so down days happen, it's how you look at it and accept what it is:)
MBG 3 - 
  1. Green tea, stevia, rice milk
  2. soaked oats, blueberries, banana, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, lifes basics, rice milk
  3. rice milk, lifes basics (after training)
  4. kale, tomato, mushrooms, corn, pumpkin seeds, carrots, beets, vegan seitan strips
  5. collard grreens, mung beans
Hey everybody, i want to hear from you ALL!! on the questions above okay! Tell me, tell others what you think okay:) Post it here or on our FB pages okay:) Thanks for your support on this my friends:)


  1. Jon, what card deck workout did you do? It's not a part of the 8 week plan is it?

  2. part of the current cycles workouts is for mbg's to add their own twist into the stamina T, R, Sa workouts by inserting their own mbg stamina workout instead....here in chi yesterday we did:
    diamonds - split squats each leg is 1
    hearts - swings, i did 8' broad jumps...OMG!!!!:)
    clubs - burpees, i did pw rollouts & tucks
    spades - 10 x JR with heavy black JR
    result - legs crushed!! crazy sweat, good training:)

  3. that is SIIIC Jonny!!! I wish my gym had more length for stuff like this!

    Are you those BJJ mats? What brand, that floor is SIC! I miss U, homie!

  4. hey my brother!!:) yeah try that one it's crazy hard!!! those are http://dollamur.com/ mats, roll out mats and they are great! 1.5" thick and perfect for bjj and most training, not kb's:) hope you're doing good my friend! stay strong my friend!!:)

  5. this is one tough workout on the PW. Well done to to the three of you (looks that way on the video) as is a great effort. I have not been on the PW for about 8 weeks (shoulder problems) and thought I'd give this a go!!!

    Not even close. Did 130 yards but was not even 15/15.....did it over about 5 minutes.....still though has got me aiming for something now and going to build up that PW comeback....well done boys.


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