Crushed Legs, Killer Wed workout, my "Deep Practice" of EY!!!...and sleep:)

Jessie and i after the Badgers won the Big 10 Championship!!
It is incredible how much a business can grow on you and then suddenly ya feel the weight of an elephant on i love how the MBG is's just a bit overwhelming at times:) Jess and i have been attempting to take a two week vacation for .... maybe a year and it's not happening:) So we went to the badger game to let off some steam and it was great! The last few days have been overwhelming with meetings, work, training and teaching....whew:) So sleep has been rough a bit and noticing it a bit in my training....just a bit:) haha SO been focusing alot on my yoga and really working to make it a Deep Practice....what is a deep practice you ask....WANT TO LEARN then get the book the Talent Code....awesome's when you decide you 'must' do this, you have to do it alot, it's in you deep inside that you want to live it, breath it. A deep practice is something that you do on a daily regime for an hour a day minimum....brazilian soccer players did it by playing all day in the favela's and it in the world, classical pianists played for hours a day....this is what makes that difference between most goods and the few greats. Now with my yoga practice, i love Eischens Yoga, i've improved immensely over the last 14 i see i have soooo much more to improve on though. coming from a place of incredible stiffness, now with a goal of suppleness and incredible ease of movement....SO it's begun. WHY? Because in looking in the mirror i saw this, i still needed more here and knowing what to do it's a case of digging deeper into it and really really jumping to the next level....that is my goal, my mission:)
MBG 1 - been sleeping poorly lately about 5-6 hours a night at best, going to bed as usual, turning all electronics off by 10, just too much on my mind....will work more on breath work later then. Been doing alot more Eischens Yoga this week and feels very good, working on much more advanced poses that i want to achieve and that really motivates me when i cannot get it makes me want to get them:)
MBG 2 - TUESDAY killed my legs.....holy cow!!! nixed the burpees out and did the DL, FUL's and 8lb jump rope as follows:
  • Deadlifts x 44s: 15 / 13 / 12 / 10 = 50
  • Foot up L x 28s: 10s/10s/10s/10s/10s = 50 each leg
  • 8lb Jump rope: 25 / 25 / 25 / 25  = 100
TIME: 24:48
Before doing this i thought, oh this wont be so bad, WRONG!!:) This crushed me!! still can barely walk:) haha
WEDNESDAY: Bar-barian test, then group push ups and pull ups
Requirement testing: 6:00 test, last week i did not time it and took much more time and it was alot harder this week being on the timer:) haha oh well, got it in the books and improved on some, others not...good news i hit 15 assisted MU's on monday so took one red band out for this one and it was alot harder for sure....goal here is hitting two sets of 15 AMU's (2 greens).
AMU's x 7 (2 green) / 34 dips (1 less) / 13 pullups (best in requirements, but did 15 monday) / 41 push ups (did 47 last week, fatique was hitting me here) / 0 AMU's yep this was harder:) haha 95 / 165 (but did AMU's at higher lever)
Then did partner group training for 2 rounds thru:
  • push ups 10-1 (did this 5 minutes after test and this was ROUGH!! had to go into down dog after almost every set!)
  • Pull ups 6-1 (used 2 reds on PUR and this was rough, second round had to drop to the ground!!)
Overall great workout: 3.75**
MBG 3 -
  1. green drink
  2. quinoa, raw nuts, mushrooms, tomato, spinach, sprouted wrap, hummus
  3. carrot juice
  4. kale, pine nuts, tomato, beans, raw walnuts, sesame croutons
  5. vegetable lentil soup
  6. honeycrisp apples and raw cashew butter
good day of eating:)
got to go my friends:)


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