Badgers BIG10 Champs videos, todays new PR's, Self Eval part 2:) DETAILED!!:)

Man this was an amazing game!! Just a blast and a memory forever!!!!:)
After training on saturday morning jess and i drove to indy and this was an experience!!
The whole atmosphere at the game was extremely high energy....the runs were crazy, up
21-7, then MSU's up looking strong....then the 4th quarter it was probably the
most exciting game i've ever been at simply cause the momentum shifts kept you thinking
it's good, it's bad:) haha

SELF EVAL part 2: In talking with a student yesterday he was talking about the last blog and how
he liked what i asked....looking serious at yourself in the mirror. He asked to explain it what i said made me think, i got some more explaining to you all as well. When you look at the man in the mirror really look at all aspects; skin (fresh or gray looking?), eyes (bright or dull?), hair, posture (arches collapsed, knock knees, rotated hips, sway back, rounded upper back, internally rounded shoulders, twisted spin, forward head....any and all of the above), physique (weak, fat, strong?), mental state (weak or strong?)....check them all out....THEN think about what feels out of balance and then begin to put your focus on gaining that balance back by daily simple work.... 
skin, eyes, hair look un-healthy ----> diet more clean plants my friends and more water! Postures out of whack -------> get on the Eischens Yoga, you know inside where your posture is off, so do poses that bring balance to those areas and it will happen in no time!
Physique not up to your desire -------> get focused on the MBG Cycles, make sure you improve each week, that you get plenty of sleep, eat great and drink lots of water and it WILL happen:) Just got to do it my friend....but do it simple, no worries about achieving any and all in one day...make it part of your life and enjoy the process:)
MBG 1 - Eischens Yoga, indian clubs (2lbs just got em and love em, perfect weight:), chest expander shoulder drills, wrist mobility drills.
MBG 2 - todays workout, did all drills as part of my warm up, then lots of push ups and various pulls to warm up for the workout.
20 minutes as many as possible 
  • pull ups x *15,11 / 8, 7, 7 / 6, 5, 4 / 4, 3, 3, 1 = 74t on 12 sets! previous 74 was on 13 sets (2 less sets:)
  • press ups x 8t, 6, / 6, 5, 5 / 4, 3, 3 / 3, 2, 2 = *47 New PR by 2 on 11 sets too! previous was 45 on 13 sets!
  • Buy Out: 15 Assisted MU's (*15 in a row! New personal record!!) --> 50 Diamond push ups (25+14+11) really happy with todays marks! 3.75*!!
MBG 3 - 
  • green drink
  • bengal spice tea, almond milk, stevia
  • soaked oats, walnuts, lifes basics, banana, blueberries 
  • organic food bar, banana
  • vegan pot pie, stuffing, corn - the last of thanksgiving food:) haha
  • kale, pine nuts, vegan chili, vegan sun burger, sprouted bread
Good day my friends,
hope this blog helps you or your friends out:)
Peace my friends:)


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