The 4 Ways of Strength & Power or crashing and burning! Be Smart in 2012!!

Early morning at home in Madison...time to listen and be:)
Over the last few years i've begun to listen more to what my body is saying and actually doing what it wants more and more now:) haha Took long enough:) but it's funny we think we wear a superman suit under our clothes and constantly think go, go, go!! Must improve, must work harder, must push through....this is our subconscious mantra! So recently i was thinking man no one and i mean no one can constantly improve, we all have stress, set backs...LIFE happening that gets in the way of it:) So i began to think on this and it made sense we generally have 4 Ways to get to either stronger OR wronger with our health:) Now what i'm talking about here is for folks who train:
  1. Train properly & Recover properly = Feel great! Stronger, Healthier! This happens when your training matches your recovery, SO the training is planned and progressed and the recovery is planned as well.
  2. Train properly & Recovery poorly = Fatigued often, no improvement, injury is more likely in this state! Often find stimulants like coffee and soda, meats, doing exercise are needed to wake up. Not getting enough sleep can be hurting recovery (less than 8 hours), stress can be another big factor in recovery as it leads to inability to rest, sleep properly and dramatically impacts positive training results.
  3. Train improperly & Recover properly = Feel good & no improvement though! Might have some improvement but depends on luck of training. Improper training can be anything from not listening to your body, if you're tired are you training too hard, too much power/speed type movements? Too much metabolic training? Both can overdo the body and mind, but here the recovery is proper...SO how do you train improperly so you do not result in improvements? Too little effort, not challenging yourself to improve reps, sets, weight, do you do that best? Keep track of your training and repeat it and beat it!!!:) The thing here is as long as you feel good to go with your training due to proper recovery, you CAN pretty much train anyway you want...this even can be alot of really intense workouts on a regular basis....BUT if you're not working to improve, you to work towards new heights and following our cycle or your own and improving each week is the way to go for best improvements!
  4. Train improperly & Recover poorly = Total exhaustion, injury and no improvement! Poor recovery is same as above, but here improper training would most likely be training too hard for the amount of recovery. We see this alot, the effort is there, but they're not sleeping, stressed, drinking lots of coffee to keep going and do their best and they may get by for a minute, but it catches up with them and they usually crash and burn from sickness, injury, both or just overall physical and mental exhaustion.
Think about these points, nothing is wrong with training easy and focusing on full recovery if you know your sleep is sub-par for example...the important point is to truly listen to your mind and body, think about what your missing, then not only set goals for your training but your recovery too! Recovery MUST be an equal partner in the training process.
This week i'm still listening as best as i can and only doing what i feel good about.
MBG 1 - doing my best to sleep but honestly this has been rough lately, best sleep this week is probably 6 hours, most likely 4 a night...leaving me tired. Doing Eischens Yoga daily and teaching too.
MBG 2 - training this week has been simple;
  • Tuesday i ran nuka around the block 5 times:) then did some simple power wheel work
  • Wednesday did feel a bit better so did bjj easy in the morning which prepped me well for a workout. I did my assisted muscle ups (2 green, 1 red) actually got a new PR!!:) haha did 20 reps in a row:) Then did a simple progression 2 green/1 red + my 20lb vest x 9, Then 2 green x 5, then 2 green + vest x 0, then 2 green + vest + kip x 5. This was all with 2 minute rests btwn sets which felt good:) Then did the partner 5-1 push ups and assisted chin ups x 4 rounds. This was really a good workout:)
  • Thursday kept it simple again and did the stairs in my condo 5 times, then some kb levers
  • Friday did a similar AMU's after bjj and did not break any records but was pretty even across the board. Then did simple 4 sets of 8 reps of HSPU's and Pull ups both lightly assisted with bigger ROM than normal (off yoga blocks hspu's and to sternum for pullups) felt good:)
MBG 3  -
  • Bengal spice tea, stevia, almond milk
  • banana, rice milk, oats, life's basics, sunflower seeds, walnuts
  • organic food bar
  • kale, squash, beans, seeds, onions, mushrooms
  • popcorn
  • spinach, black beans, wild rice and side spinach salad
Hope this helps you in your training in some way:)
peace my friends,


  1. Nice post Jon! Thanks for all the great tips and insights! I don't always comment but I always read and learn! Happy New Year and good luck to you Jessie and the mbg in 2012!

  2. thanks joseph:) glad it might help in some way! hope you and yours have a happy 2012 too!! thank you alot for your support too my friend!!


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