Question of the Day and Bar-barian workout...SICK ONE TODAY!!:)

Erin changed up yesterdays stamina workout to a wicked card's hitting em right here!!!:) haha
QUESTION OF THE DAY: What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you beat yourself up for not being a perfect model? Are you never satisfied? OR are you the one in a million who gives yourself props...looking good!! OR do you simply not judge and look to see if you look clean or not without any negativity? I ask this because in hearing people beat themselves up for so many years and doing a bit myself:) I just wanted to ask and hear what most people say. Guessing most beat themselves up a bit and are never satisfied. IF this is the case, here's a little thing i do that i learned a great lesson from an overweight client along time ago:) She was a very sweet lady, about 200lbs and maybe 5' tall:) The lesson was simple, she saw me working out and looking at myself in the mirror (now i said this was a looooong time ago:) haha....anyways she said have you ever tried to not look at yourself and just enjoy the feel of what you're doing? No, hadnt thought of it....but you know what, i did it and it felt pay attention to my movement, the feel of my muscles working, the 'feel' of the bar, the ground, the implement. SO instead of beating yourself up, try this, One understand you are where you are....Two life is an up and down road, hopefully it's going in a good up direction, but you know it's still gonna have downs too and to accept them and learn from them...Three and this is the big one....ask yourself, how do i FEEL, not how do i appear, but how do you truly feel....THAT is the real thing we are going for isnt it...NOT to appear healthy, vibrant and happy...but to truly be healthy, vibrant and happy. Try it out and tell me how it goes for you okay my friends:)
MBG 1 - Eischens Yoga: did a sequence with jessie, felt really good, shoulder mobility drills with chest expander, wrist 60 mobility drills. Sleep: other night slept 3 hours and felt tired all day...shocker:) so did a light movement workout and felt good, added some meditation breath work too. Last night good sleep 9:45 - 6:30....felt good!
MBG 2 - todays training:
Ladder 1:3 pullups and dips, up to 5:15 as warm up after mobility drills
Bar-barian test -
Last week did 11/35/12/40/5 =103/165 (165 due to using assistance on MUs and putting 20 reps as my number i need to hit before going to lighter assistance with PJ bands 2R8, 1R6)
Today did: *14 / 35t / 12t / *47 / 5 = 113/165  improved by 10 reps!! Thats good:)
NOTE: some folks have asked how to do i scale using the power jumper bands....heres how i'm doing them with NO kipping using two greens and one red....for goal of 20 each MU set, when i can do that then i move to 2 greens for 15s, then 1 green and 1 red for 10s, when i got that i think i'll be pretty close to doing them without any help or just the one green for maybe 8s, when i get those, nothing and i'm passing the requirements!!!!!:) haha
Then the group push ups (10-1) and pull ups (6-1) for 2 sets each!!
Man this crushed us all!! It was great fun:)
  • Push ups (no dropping) made both sets....very very hard!! Loved it!
  • Pull ups (used 2 red PJ bands) worked great....very hard again!! awesome:)
MBG 3 plantstrong eats!
  • bengal spice, stevia, almond milk
  • sprouted toast, honey, raw cashew butter, smashed banana on top (2)
  • spinach smoothie with orange juice, spinach, mango, lifes basics
  • kale, cous cous, almonds, beans, cabbage, corn, peas, sunflower seeds
  • pumpkin pie
  • vegan pot pie, veggie stuffings, sweet potato, cabbage
Good day today my friends:)
hope you all are doing great!


  1. Important post Jon. I remember awhile back when I was beating myself up for not being where I thought I wanted to be. Later that day I was repping pullups in groups of 5-10 with about 20 pounds of additional weight on my ankles and it struck me how lucky I am to be able to move powerfully and without pain. That shift in perspective made a big difference. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. glad to hear it my friend! WE ALL need reminders on a regular correct:)haha i know i do:) haha glad it helped....keep that in mind, now you'll help someone else with the same thing some day!!:)peace:)


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