Power Plant Video! Badgers beat Penn State and todays results!

Here is a video of an awesome Power Plant Meal Jessie made.....it was Off the Hook!!!:)
Today was a very busy day, testing out some new products (cant tell you yet:), Did a photo
shoot for the Wisconsin State Journal at MBG Madison....it's been 10 years since the WSJ
did it's original article on my MBG and alots changed since then:) It was very cool and we
had alot of fun during the shoot, the photag Craig was cool and he had a blast shooting
the noon class. Then after a quick smoothie stopped by the brand new Lifeline USA building
which is huge! and we worked on two of my new products, then we drove back here to chicago!
Whew long day:)
FUN QUESTION OF THE DAY: If you had to do an MMA fight against a hollywood star who would it be and why? haha It could be someone you dont like:) someone who's funny:) whatever!!:) 
MBG 1 restoration & sleep - did some warrior poses, indian clubs and my shoulder routine with the chest expander. For sleep went to bed later than i wanted last night but woke up at the same time so ended up getting about 6 hours of sleep....got to follow the same routine there and start tv/laptop off by 9:30 and hopefully sleeping til 6:30 getting 8 or more hours of sleep a night is the goal....it's crazy the affect poor sleep has as well as how little i know i've focused on it before and how little most all people focus on it....almost not at all:)
MBG 2 todays workout - 20 minutes amap reps of press ups and pull ups
warm up - mobility drills, then ladder up to 5:15 of pull ups : dips
  • Pull ups x *13,11, 8,7,6,6,5,5,4,4 = 69  (down 5 from last week but new PR 13 on first set, seems like i went out a bit faster and needed a bit longer rests btwn sets. SO only got in 10 sets versus 13 last wk)
  • Press ups x 6,6,6, 5,5,4, 3,3,3, 2,2 = 45 (ties last monday on 2 less sets! so that's good improvement)
  • 5 minute 100 push up & 50 pull up challenge: closer by 1 rep!!:) haha got 100 pushups and 43 pullups
  • THEN SOME OF THE MBG MAD TRAINERS SAID THEY JUST STARTED DOING THIS ONE: 1 minute amap reps of jumping rope with a 8.5 lb 6" thick rope...my friends this was one of the most wicked simple workouts my friends!! ONE MINUTE!!! well i got 71 reps and that smashed me! Felt like a ran a 400 meters all out! Got to do this one again!!
MBG 3 Plant Strong meals!!
  • Kuchicha tea
  • soaked oats, bananas, walnuts, lifes basics, blueberries
  • banana, mango, rice milk, life's basics
  • apples and yummbutter peanut butter & cranberries (this PB is awesome!!)
  • sweet potato, veggie pot pie with tofu, stuffing with cranberries, raw nuts and sprouted bread
Pretty good day my friends:)
Sleep time!


  1. That meal looks sooooooo good! Love to get the recipes. :) Gotta check out that PB too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Amazing workout! The jump rope sounds really hard especially after all press ups you did.

  3. I definitely want IN on that meal! YUM :) Love how you guys keep the plant-based eating real and attainable - and delicious. Thanks!

  4. I dont get it: what means 5:15? In a prescibed period of time? please explain for me ;-)Pull-up and push-up challenge is 5min each or both in 5minutes? Also the AMAP, each in 20minutes or how do u dial them two exercises in?

    What would you recommend to keep in stock for a novice vegan?
    wheeew a lot of questions, hope you get to it ;-)

  5. BRAD, LOUISE - i'm pretty sure all will be in our MBG plant power meals book we're making...hope it's out soon!!:) they were amazing, never has every single dish been amazing and it was!!!:)
    GETFIT - that rope is sick!!! nuf said:) haha
    KIKOLU - for sure watch the videos on my www.monkeybargym.com site...workout page has videos of each. the 5:15 is a simple warm up ladder of pullups : dips in a 1:3 ratio, then 2:6, 3:9 etc til done...nice warm up. the 20 minutes is on our site explained fully. 5 minute challenge also explained...but simple you got 5 minutes to do 100 push ups and 50 pullups. foods to keep in stock for you:) in our upcoming book, for now get THRIVE and ENGINE 2 DIET both solid! hope this helps out:)


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