Power Jumper Muscle Ups!! Sleep, Eischens and todays results!!

Check out how awesome the Power Jumper is for assisting Muscle ups (my good friend Paul Fogg made me re-think this one we tried out over a year ago in madison and the bar system didnt allow for it but when i saw him doing it on a weight rack on a video and i knew i had bars that could make it work i had to try it:) and....of all the MU"s i've ever done from JGXT to jump to walk ups this is easily the best way to assist them....I began using 2 bands to assist (maybe 60lbs of assistance)....and it helped a good amount and enough so that i can work on breaking my bad habits of kipping so much (kip then pull is the bad habit)....with the Power Jumper assisting me i can work on my technique and working to stay close to the bar and IF i use my legs...to use them at the same time that i'm pulling, not after. This works perfect my friends and because of the way the power jumper lays it doesnt give to much and then drop off to nothing which is great!
QUESTION FOR YOU ALL: and please if you read this, post your answers on my blog or on my FB page or the MBG"s....
Who are you thankful for and why?
What are you thankful for and why?
Who am i thankful for? I'm thankful for having a wonderful women in my life:) Jessica Rucker:) She's an amazing lady who brings lots of happiness to my life, support, honesty and lots of love:)
What am i thankful for? I'm thankful for doing something i love with an intense passion, for having wonderful friends all over the world with whom i can share my passions, my dreams and goals with... thank you all my friends for i'm very lucky to know so many of you as my close friends, soul brothers and sisters and that......is priceless!:)   THANK YOU ALL!!:)
MBG 1 - restoration and sleep:) Did an awesome Eischens Yoga class yesterday and left feeling peaceful and happy:) On my sleep day 2 and 3 went really well and sticking to plan...all computer/tv stuff off at 9:30, reading til 10:30 then sleeping....woke up a few times but generally got about 8 hours each night which is very cool!!
MBG 2 training - yesterday was mostly doing the bar MU's on the power jumper...got sort of carried away with it and ended up doing about 70 probably:) haha
Then did the Legs buyout from monday's workout: 5 minutes to do 100 foot up lunges and 50 swings with a 40k...almost got it..done in 5:10!! Man that was crazy hard!! Whew serious leg workout...and quick too:)
Today did one ladder up of 1:3 pullups to dips up to 5:15 as a warm up
Bar-barian requirements test 6:00 minutes, changed up the MU"s though, instead of doing walk ups, i've decided to stop doing them (yes:) haha and just do the power jumper assisted ones as now that i have a great way to do them with proper form, that is what i'm gonna do....so my goal is to do 15 straight then go to lighter assistance.
  • Power Jumper MU's (assisted with 2 greens and 1 red) x 11
  • Dips x 35 (same as last week, was working fuller extension at the top)
  • Pullups x *12 (1 rep improvement, i think the crazy amount of MU's yesterday got me a bit:)
  • Push ups x 40 (again stressing bigger range of motion)
  • PJ MU's x 5
Hard:) but a little improvement!!
Then rested about 10 minutes then did the 5 minute workout (100 push ups and 50 pullups)
My previous best done in NYC was 90/40...today i got 100 and 42!! so again improvement!!
MBG 3 - 
  • Green drink
  • Green tea
  • soaked oats, pecans, lifes basics, sunflower seeds, rice milk
  • spinach, mango, banana, rice milk, lifes basics smoothie
  • organic food bar
  • bell peppers, onions, spinach, vegan sausage, green beans and some hummus
  • vegan cookie!
My friends, I'm giving you all a big hug, a big smile and thank you for being in my life:)


  1. Awesome...will try this one tomorrow. You just wrapped that belt around the PJ?

  2. Hi Jon, Manny here (aka Manny Pacquiao)...I worked out at MBG Chicago for 3 months earlier this year before moving to NC.

    Just wanted to say I'm really thankful for you, Jessie, Jeremy, Erin, and Steve for making exercise fun and crazy. I really miss MBG. God bless!

  3. Hi, I came across your site and wasn’t able to get an email address to contact you. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back.


    Hailey William

  4. Who I am Thankful for? ..... my wife and 3 daughters (though they can drive me nuts sometimes...wife and daughters!!!), my friends and extended family.

    Why Am I thankful? ..... I'm healthy, they're healthy and in good shape to enjoy and deal with life......

  5. BRYAN - it works awesome, i wrapped a belt around it but found later a lateral resistor ankle attachment worked better:) either way it keeps the PJ cables from coming out from under your feet... works perfect. tell me how you like it okay!
    MANNY - my man!! good to hear from you buddy! jessie and i are doing really good and were just talking about you the other day and miss you too my friend! MBG Chi is doing great and wish you could join us for sure! hope you're doing great!
    HALLEY - thanks for writing, but we dont put links on our site to everybody that asks cause it would be crazy:) hope you understand:) peace!
    ANDREW - understood:) haha my friend!! the why is the great part!! peace my friends!!!!

  6. Thankful for who? My best friend Dave Hansow. Good dude.

    Thankful for what? MBG workouts. :)


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