New Puppy!!! 15/15 meet Bar-barian requirements:)

Nuka playing with our New Puppy Stoney:)
Jessie and i just got our new puppy two nights ago at a dog rescue in oak park...we named him Stoney:) he's awesome:) Nuka is already playing with him like he's her baby:) very cute:)
He's a good puppy and we're very happy and so is Nuka and that is a big reason we got him...for her:)
MBG 1 restoration - in doing my Eischens Yoga this morning i focused purely on maintaining extension completely on all poses...feeling it fully on each pose, no parts of my body NOT feeling extension...that was and is my focus...can i make each part lets say while in standing mountain to feel engaged in extension? That is the challenge and the key to really feeling amazing while doing EY, at least for me it is and it works....IF you focus on it:)
MBG 2 training - Jessie and i trained together today and as we are both training for the Bar-barians requirements we want to put great focus on improving on the muscle ups, dips, pullups, push ups and more muscle ups....SO we thought lets get the good strength in AND work that strength / endurance as well with the 15/15 workout;
  1. Bar muscle ups (walk ups) x 5 minutes (10 sets) x 3's for the entire thing! = 30 total reps
  2. Dips x 5 minutes (10 sets) x 10s/10s/8s/6s/6s = 80 total reps
  3. Pull ups x 5 minutes (10 sets) x 3s/3s/2s/2s/2s = 24 reps
  4. Push ups x 5 minutes (10 sets) x 10s/8s/6s/5s/5s = 68 reps
  5. Bar muscle ups (walk ups) x 5 minutes (10 sets) x 3,2/2s/2s/2s/2s = 21 reps
SO my total reps for this great workout was 223 total goals were met and i felt pretty good today:) now at least i can get all my muscle ups, be it walk ups i still did not miss a one today and that is big improvement:) After this workout jess and i looked at each other and said "i feel great how about you?" and we both smiled and said perfect lets go have lunch feeling great:) haha .... very good!!
MBG 3 plant based foods - 
  1. Green drink
  2. Green tea
  3. spinach, banana, almond milk, dales raw protein powder, almonds, cashews
  4. organic food bar
  5. raw bar
  6. vegan pizza (3 slices:)
  7. kale salad, cranberries, cashews
  8. vegetable soup
Good day my friends, going to NYC tomorrow to hang with my Bar-barian brothers!!!! So i'll give you all some videos from our training there okay!!:)
peace my friends:)


  1. Dang wild workout! And great news for Nuka and new baby!

    I've been practicing my EY Jon!

    Can't wait to see you tom bro!!

  2. Damn dude another crazy animal in the house!!

    Sweet workout on your Journey to The bar-exam.

    I did 4 mini workouts today 15-20 mins alternating pullups and dips strength ladder style. Ended up with 490 dips and 180 pulls for the day with no elbow or shoulder soreness.... Happy days :)

    IF is also working a treat. Done to 107 down 4kg.

    Hey Rick how you doing man, how did the CNT course go? Still very keen on becoming heaviest BB.

    Hope you enjoy NY mate, wish I was there.


  3. Jon,

    Do have a video of the muscle up "walk up"? Can you explain it?


  4. RICk - :) thanks my brother! see you all in a few hours!
    FOGGY - the workout was awesome and YES we're sort of crazy with the animals:) haha but we love them alot:) On the IF man i have no change so far perhaps i'm not doing the eating part right...could you e-mail or post your eating for the day cause i'm not feeling this yet:)
    GFSF - video of the walk up muscle up? maybe? might be on one of my blogs, but if not their is a video of a guy called mango:) yes that is his name and he teaches all muscle ups on line and is very very funny while doing it cause he's wearing a mask the whole time:) so he'll show the walk up muscle up (wmu). hope this helps!

  5. Hello Jonny!

    One quick question:

    I and a friend of mine are planning to come to the US in March 2012. We are from austria (europe) and want to visit some sites. Would it be possible to visit you at Monkey Bar Gym in Madison! It would be great!



  6. Jon,
    Loved this's a keeper!!!, kinda creeps up on you at the end, :-))
    Have a great trip to NY.

  7. DOMINIK - if i'm in town for sure stop on by chicago or madison....just call first as i'm traveling alot:) but would for sure love to meet you!
    MARK - glad you like the workout:) it's great huh:) great to hear from you my friend!!


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