My Sleep Quest, Todays Results and BJJ Master Luiz Claudio is a bad bad Bunny?:)

Black Belt Luiz Claudio in Bunny Ears:) haha
Well my friends i've been writing my blog for a little over a year now and it's time i work aloud on one of my biggest challenges i've had in my training life......SLEEP! Yep:) this is a challenge i've had since i was  a little boy staying up late to make sure everyone was home and asleep first, then i could go to sleep:) Well for some reason i still have a big challenge getting 8 hours sleep a night....most of my life i get about 5 hours a night and i must admit this makes training hard very difficult. SO, because of this i havent felt as strong as possible alot of the time. SO i decided to infront of all of do something about it, to put myself on a sleep workout focus on my sleep, to learn about it, to apply what i learn like i apply to my own workouts. So although i know alot of my issues from my younger days mentally jack up my time to face it head on and get myself sleeping like a champ. SO from now on i'll be posting my sleep, how i'm feeling and what sleep tips or methods that i'm trying to apply:) So hopefully this can help some of you all out as well. It's just something i've always swept under the rug and just dealt with but the days of not facing up to this need to stop:)
MBG 1 - Did my Eischens Yoga sequence and then 10 minutes of breath work.
SLEEP - Asleep at 10, woke up 4 times til 2:30....then was up til 6:30am, then slept til 8am = about 6.5 hours very interrupted sleep. Took another 20 minute nap after my workout. Energy for day = 60%
MBG 2 - Did todays workout x 20 minutes, then the buyout
  1. Pull ups (last week did 64) x 11*, 7, 6 / 6, 6, 6, / 5, 5, 5 / 5, 4, 4, 4 = *74
  2. Press ups (last week 33)     x    6, 5, 5 / 4, 4, 3, / 3, 3, 3 / 3, 2, 2, 2 = *45
Did buy out of WMU's x 10 (4,4,2) to 50 Diamond (23,14, 13)
Good workout 3.6:) not bad for feeling about a 6 out of 10 on the energy scale:)
MBG 3 - 
  • Lots of water and bengal spice tea
  • banana, raw nuts
  • kale, cous cous, raw nuts, sunflower seeds, beans, mushrooms, corn, peas
  • sprouted bread, organic peanut butter, honey
  • Jessies kale salad, plus big bowl of mung beans
well it's 9pm time to go to bed:) gonna learn how to sleep right on my friends:)


  1. With those bunny ears, you might actually be able to choke hime out :-)

  2. I have trouble to sleep too!! sometimes I feel more energy in the nights than in the middle of the day ( I love naps anyway) Even when I woke up very early I prefer have a nap and do stuff in the night...I know that if a don't sleep before 12...I just can't in all night. I tried to don't eat in the nights, read a book, meditate... but sometimes I weak up at 3 or 4 am and I feel ready to start my day!!
    How do you "force' yourself to sleep in a normal schedule ?

  3. i'm reading alot and have some basic guidelines i try to follow when getting focused on sleep like i'm doing off by 9:30, relax and read in a quiet place til 10, bed and read at 10, then if i sleep great, if not and i'm wide awake i dont force sleep, that is a mistake...if not sleepy dont get in the bed!!:) i'll be writing more on it over the weeks on the basic rules and ways i'm doing my sleep work:) hope it can help you!

  4. Hey Jon!
    Don't know if you use an app called sleep cycle, it's worth a look. Have your bedroom cold and heavier blankets, apparently their weight on you helps you to sleep. I sleep like a baby if the room is cold , might be worth a try .

  5. hey mark, got the cold part down:) and generally sleep without the covers on as i get too hot...the sleep cycle sounds good! i was trying to download an app but could not so am going to download that one right now! thanks mark!

  6. Sleep and rejuvenation is definitely marginalised in the fitness world - and it's arguably the most important factor to having great health.
    Jon, it's great you're focussing on it - once again setting the MBG apart from the regular gym crowd.
    Do I sense a MBG4 for a new model? :)
    Oh, and "Power Sleep" by Dr James B Mass is a brilliant read on the subject.

  7. thanks colin:) it's funny you said mbg 4, we've discussed that many times actually and still feel sleep falls under the restoration part pretty well so most likely will keep it as mbg3:) power sleep sounds like a good one, i'm reading 2 right now but really digging deep to learn as much as possible so i'll look that one up too! thanks mate and hope you're doing great and hope to see you in march!!


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