Great SPINACH SMOOTHIE VIDEO!! Great BK bike ride:)

Here's a GREAT SMOOTHIE video i pulled out as i cannot load ANY pictures or videos tonight???? ODD oh well this is a very tasty smoothie and thought it might help some of you to see me make it...i know watching first hand helped me alot:) Fun Sunday here in Brooklyn, after a long day of about 8 hours on saturday, today was all on the bikes and just a quick workout in my hotel room with the JGXT:) rode about 25 miles again today, mostly following the marathon path in BK, then did 5 laps of prospect park in brooklyn....beautiful park!! ever get a chance check it out....i'm really digging brooklyn, really cool neighborhoods and people:) It's really interesting how many cool people the Bar-barians hang out with:) haha Like attracts like....this is something we talked about on the ride too.
Last night i was talking to some people and this lady was saying that everyone in her family is likely to have cancer....and she said nothing she can's her genes....i said it's not your genes but your surrounding...THAT is what makes you just happen to be around people who eat and stress in a way that leads to disease. She actually thought about it and said i dont know about that....and i said well i do:) haha and then talk to her about the studies in the China Study showing a diet of over 10% animal products leads to diseases and the higher the % the greater the likelihood of disease. She began to think more about it and so maybe i helped her:) i hope so, this talk made me and my Bar brothers talk about it a bit more while's not just the food, but stress as well that can lead to disease and stress comes in all forms as we know but one thought that Flow (Bar-barian "Juiceman", very healthy guy who runs a great health food store in BK) and i discussed....that people who DO EAT a healthy plant based diet are more conscious of themselves and the planet (less littering and all types of pollution) and are probably less likely to be stressed out about life as well....SO what does this mean??:) haha
  • Eat plant based....get healthier physically and then mentally
  • Treat self and planet with greater respect and love
  • Be a shining example of health thru the way you interact with people and planet
These 3 points i believe we all want to do, we all want to help how much easier and healthier can you make it then choosing to eat a plant based plan of foods:) Simple huh:)
MBG 1 - did my morning Eischens Yoga
MBG 2 - Rode about 28 miles today:) good riding, good friends! Then came home and did 50 down dog push ups off blocks, feet up on box and 150 body rows.
MBG 3 -
  • Green tea...then a Green drink
  • oatmeal, walnuts, spirilina, plant protein, banana..vegan oatmeal cookie, healthy P&J sandwich
  • nut milk - a bunch of raw nuts, dates, raisins
  • huge bowl of lentil veggie soup, fruit bread, bread pudding...then some zuchini bread
  • green drink
Big training day again tomorrow!! Going to TSP for sure so it'll be fun for sure!!
Talk soon my friends!!


  1. I saw you smoothie recipe a while back. It is awesome! So tasty.

  2. Hey Jon, do you ever mention to people to watch Fork over Knife, rather than read The China Study. I have read it (and my wife as well) and then just bought the video. I am into it, but think the movie in some respects might connect with people more quickly in the first instance.

    Friend of mine at work, her father had a heart attack the other day. Mentioned what I have been reading about and starting to change my life so taking it in to her to watch and see where it goes. Who knows it might create some different thinking for her and hopefully her family.

    Looking forward to the Gold Coast for MBG Intensive next year!


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