Day 2 & 3 workout results, 1 amazing Plant Strong Recipe!!

Showing Full Extension on the Dips
The word is out my friends and it is GOOD!! This 8 week MBG Cycle is amazing!!:) During the last 8 week cycle alot of you gave us some great feedback and we listened and applied it to this cycle and already all the members here and online have said they love it! I got to admit i'm feeling pretty dang good myself too from the first 3 workouts this week....sore but good!!
SOME QUESTIONS ASKED:  (what are some more you'd like to know?)
  1. Can we add some legs into the Monday and Wednesday workouts for those of us that only train M, W, we added the LEGS BUYOUT and man they are wicked hard! 
  2. Another question on todays workout was How do i do the Bar-barian test part if i am not at the level of passing it yet? Simple my have 6 minutes, 1:12 at each of the 5 stations or exercises. Do your best to hit the requirement...if you hit it, cool, move on to the next one, if you drop early, you're done, write down what you did. No stopping and resting and then starting back up again, pausing in the top of a push up position, yes that's cool, hanging on the bar with feet off the floor, yes that too is cool, but dropping the knees, you're done, jumping off the bar, you're done:). SO, do your best at each station, write what you did, then add them up at the end. So for example here's what my numbers looked like today:
        1. 3 muscle ups...written as 3.5/5 (i count walk ups as half reps, i did 7 wmu's)
        2. 35 dips = 35/45
        3. 11 pullups = 11/25
        4. 35 push ups = 35/55
        5. 0 muscle ups = 0/5
            • TOTAL = 84.5/135 (felt pretty good with really strict form)
So although i'm not there yet, i got good baseline numbers to improve on next week:) if i can improve just 5 reps each week then i'll be at about 125 in 8 weeks and that is pretty close to passing the Bar-barian requirements and that in my book is a feather in my cap:) SO get a good baseline and improve it next week, that is the goal!
Day 2:
Began with the Top of the minute workout: Foot Up Lunges with 28k's x 10 total, 100 reps Jump Rope, Deadlifts x 44k's x 10 and last exercise i changed to full power wheel rollouts x 10.
Did this for 24 minutes and although at first it seemed cool this morning it kicked my ass literally!!:) SO later in the afternoon i took one of our Eischens Yoga classes with Jessie my sweetie teaching and it was amazing, after rest pose i walked out on cloud 9 and felt super relaxed and that my friends is the goal isnt it:)
Day 3 of cycle (Today):
After the Bar-barian requirements test above, jess and i did the workout and MAN that was no joke! 10-1 on the push ups for 2 rounds...some lifting of the hips, but never dropping. On the pull ups, had to use the Pull Up Revolution and hung at the bottom of each 6-1 for both sets, but barely, this was no joke my friends!!
Been eating ON POINT!!
Green drink
maca cafe
RECIPE OF THE DAY: This is a great after workout meal my friends!!
1st meal of the Day: Cooked quinoa, add rice milk, add life's basics, big handful of pecans, banana, blueberries
  • kale, cous cous, pumpkin seeds, beans, corn
  • organic food bar
  • spinach salad, corn on the cob (2), brown rice and beans
  • pecans, banana, agave nectar (great after dinner snack jessie made!!)
What a week my friends and it's just beginning!! Loving this cycle my friends!!
Peace my friends!


  1. awesome Jon! I've been starting the 8 week cycle 1 week late so I can get a feel for the workouts and see what I can do with the equipment/bars I have available depending on weather since I can't get to the Chicago gym much lately. Anyway, I'm loving your comments on everything and am sore as well with my experiments but the Eichen's yoga helps counter-act that. Thanks! Tall Paul

  2. Jon, today was NO JOKE indeed. As often happens, it seemed pretty mellow on paper but he&* no it wasn't. Lots of room for improvement but felt great and a little sore for the whole day. Loving this cycle. Good stuff!

  3. TALL PAUL - haha:) wasnt sure til you said that:) haha but glad you're doing the cycle and like to hear how it's coming along for you too my friend!
    BRAD - haha feels amazing huh! love it! wish you could get to a mbg too and experience the vibe onthis workout too as it's amazing! little sore feels good though:) keep it up buddy!

  4. Jon- There might be an MBG coming to Studio City soon according to the Moorpark guys. They're busy with the T.O. location. That would be very doable for me. :)


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