Day 1 New Cycle: My 3 Training Rules! Great 20 min workout! Powerful Plant Meals!!

Cool video of China Town Playground in NYC:)
Feels great to be starting with this new 8 week cycle, Todays workout is Either
a prison 10-1 of press ups and pull ups (L seats) OR 20 minutes amap of each exercise:
Since getting back Jessie and i have been playing catch up and feel like starting the new
8 week cycle is right on time for us as we've just gotten caught up and we're ready to get started!
Part of that was resting the last few days, doing alot of restorative work and Eischens Yoga poses
and also shopping like crazy the last two days so we eat 100% of our meals at home! That is such
a positive way to eat it's incredible. Saves money, gets you eating cleaner, you control everything you eat...that is a huge point....more focused, more results. Knowing what you're eating ahead of time relaxes your mind and gives more confidence for your day and plan!
Follow your plan for: eating (clean), 8 week cycle (simple strong and progressive training) and restoration (eischens yoga, shoulder mobility drills with chest expander and/or jungle gym xt shoulder & hip mobility drills).
  1. Eat simple, lay out meals ahead of time helps relax your mind alot and frees up alot of time
  2. Plan your workouts for the 8 week cycle: what's your goals? strength, stamina, re-balancing an injured body/mind? Well depending on this maybe you plan to do 2 strength, 2 stamina and 2 eischens yoga classes a week....plan your work and work your plan!! Here's some examples:
    1. strength: focus on just those classes and do alot of eischens yoga to restore as well
    2. stamina: just do the conditioning classes and eischens yoga
    3. recovery & restoration: just take the eischens yoga classes and then do the warm up drills only from classes if you want....that's low key but you still work some skills my friend!
  3. Plan getting to bed and resting alot as well my friends! Sleep is your friend, Sleep is where we get stronger and plan on getting 8-9 a night it's that important to improve your training each and every week!
MBG 1 restoration training: shoulder mobility drills with chest expander and jungle gym xt, wrist mobility drills: did 2-3 rounds thru all. Then also did Eischens Yoga sequence.
MBG 2 training: 8 week cycle first workout, i chose the amap in 20 minutes today.
  1. Started with two ladders: pull ups and dips of 1/3, 2/6, 3/9, 4/12, 5/15 x 2
  2. Followed with todays 20 minutes amap reps of each pull ups and press ups:
    1. Pull ups x 7,5,6  / 5,6,6 / 5,4,4 / 4,4,4,4 = 64
    2. Press ups x 4,4,4/ 3,2,2 / 2,2,2 / 2,2,2,2 = 33
        • 5:30 / 11:00 / 15:30 / 20 minutes total
Buyout - 10 walk up muscle ups (5, 4,1) to 50 diamond push ups (20,10,10,10)
Felt really good: 3.7** Really kept form perfect on everything and did not cheat on any reps for today!
MBG 3 plant based meals: 
  1. Green drink
  2. Bengal spice tea
  3. Soaked oats, raw nuts, sunflower seeds, banana, blueberries, life's basics
  4. figs, almonds
  5. mung beans, kale salad with pumpkin seed dressing
  6. apple
Great start to the 8 week MBG cycle!!
peace my friends!!:)


  1. This is such a helpful way to look at the 8 week session. Thanks for breaking it down. I was looking at it as an all or nothing kinda thing. D'oh!

  2. Jon,
    I did the 10-1 and I struggled with the pressups but did pretty well with the pullups. Would it be a good idea to incorporate the power jumper twice a week during the 8 week cycle?


  3. Jon,

    I have a product idea for you. I know you are talking about a book on eating, but that won't really be enough. Most of us have no idea how to go about shopping, choosing, preparing, storing, etc the foods you eat. What would be really cool is to make up a set of DVD's.

    Show you and Jessie shopping, what you buy, how to choose, etc. Then a prepping and preparing DVD.

    I think it would be a great seller for people wanting to move some or their whole diet towards your method of eating.

  4. BRAD - glad you liked it brad and that it's helpful:) always keeping it simple:) haha
    MATT - stick to strict form and keep attentive of all your on the press ups it might of been hard to do it in straight lets say on your 7 set you got 4 good ones then rest for a second, the maybe 2 more, pause then the last 1 good clean reps is much write it like 10,9,8,7(4,2,1), etc that way next week since you did clean reps you can easily see how you're improving...this is important. On the power jumper...YES if you want to improve your vertical or broad jump do that work before you do the conditioning workouts on T, R and you're good!
    BARKELY - good thinking my friend! jess and i are working on a whole bunch of dvd ideas, we're very busy but what you said is actually one of them:) all phases of how to shop, choose, prep and eat!!:) i'm glad you brought it up my friend as it will spur me on to getting it done faster!

  5. Thanks alot Jon, thats exactly what I did. Do you have anyone in your gym working on front levers, planches, or one arm chinups?

  6. MATT - good to hear and yes just ask one of the trainers as we train those all the time as part of the skill training during the warm ups or sometimes as one of the exercises.

  7. Jon,
    Is there any way to order a MBG shirt?


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