Brooklyn visit + Travel JGXT Workout Video + My Healthy Travel guidelines!

Here is a great strength and stamina JGXT Travel Workout i did in my BK hotel room!
This is how it goes; 10-1 style but you stay with that same exercise until done with it, resting only the same amount of breaths as reps that you just do 10 reps, then 10 breaths, then 9 and 9, 8 and 8 etc til done. It amounts to a great strength workout with the added bonus of stamina work too!!
Well that is simple and here are some of my guidelines: No doubt you do not have control of these so you do the best you can on all points.
  1. Travel to places i like to go and visit, places that have great energy!
  2. See people i want to hang out with... people that have great energy!
  3. Stick to your schedule as best as you can. This is huge to making sure you get stuff done everyday for yourself and if your like me training and eating are big parts of that:)
  4. Make sure wherever you go it has many healthy options / places to eat...ask before leaving if needed.
  5. So the big ones for me are go to healthy cities, hang with healthy people, and eat at healthy places! Going to environments that energize me, like mountains (colorado), rivers, lakes (madison), oceans (cali), cool neighborhoods and sites like new york city has is all essentials for me. 
I learned this lesson many years ago when i traveled to a place in europe that i wasnt feeling:) haha but it was a business trip. It had none of the above points and was not a fun trip in comparison. Sometimes you just got to make due though of course and so finding healthy places to eat and sticking to your routine for getting YOUR healthy stuff done daily is key. Make sure you eat clean strong foods, make sure you do your Eischens Yoga. This point is huge, the planes and trains can really mess with our posture and so doing your Eischens Yoga daily is big! Then finally making sure you do your workout daily, something is better than nothing my friends! Get in the travel options version of our MBG workout or do one of our old favorites. It's our choice, make sure you choose a healthy one as we always have the choice my friends:)
How did i fair on my trip? Check it out:)
One - went to a place i love! NYC, Brooklyn!!! love the culture, the cool neighborhoods, history!!
Two - hung with people that have amazing energy, my Bar-barian brothers, my boy Gavin and Magnus! All of these guys are all very cool individually, together it's a riot!!:) We laugh alot and mess with each other alot....GOOD LIFE:)
Three - i stuck to my schedule, each day i got up, drank my green drink and then worked on my laptop for a few hours. Then rode my bike into manhatten to Tompkins Square Park (TSP) to train. YES i have a bike in NYC, my boy Gavin lets me keep my bike at his place so anytime i'm in town i have my favorite mode of transportation and NOTHING beats riding a bike in NY/'s amazing the sites you can only see on a bike...i simply love it:) THIS aspect is extremely important in my life, keep it in yours my friends...this is a choice to connect to the outdoors or not...choose to connect!! Of course doing the workouts on the bars is a long time love of my life and so this was a given and training with friends which i did daily was simply great! I usually did a ladder of pullups and dips (high five foggy!) for about 5 rounds, then most of the Bar-barians would show up and then we did some 5 minute sets or some other wicked routine:) always fun! After training? Well that leads right into 4!
Four - Eat at healthy places that give energy!! Fortunately having a bike in nyc AND about 500 vegan or plant based places to eat makes this an easy one:) I usually stopped in at my buddy marcus's spot the "Juice Press" and had a green drink in the am, then a soaked oats meal, then during the workout had one of his "Horny Gorilla" drinks (fitting name:) haha that was pure water and maca and gives you amazing energy all afternoon during your training! Later we'd ride to one of the Pan Asian Vegan places and have some greens and lots more great food...that place is amazing!
Five - So me going to NYC/BK is a great healthy trip for me mentally and physically as it has all the elements i need AND i choose healthy options on each point as well. Great place, healthy friends and foods, doing what i love my friends.
Got alot of videos and pictures coming up of my trip for you too:)
Hope this helps some of you all out as i live by these rules when i travel and it keeps me happy:)
Peace my friends!!


  1. Jon
    Great post. I am not BK .I am in queens and we don't have that many plant based places. I went to the meatball shop in BK for my birthday and I ate lentil and mushroom meatball's they where incredible. I can't wait for the next two month cycle it's going to be hard to do with the holidays and work but I am up for it. I have been doing PB diet following how Mike Mahler eats and I have been feeling good. I have been eating tons of spinach with red beans,garbanzo's, black bean and avocodo for lunch and 2organic food bars with two scoops of peanut butter after my workout and another salad for dinner. And drinking bengal spice tea throughout the day. I am curious to see how it works for the next two month's on your program.

  2. sounds like you're on point with your eating john! for sure tell me how it works okay!
    take care john!

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