15/15 results, traveling and fixing back pain, INTENSITY and Love story!!:)

Amazing Dinner Jessie made of kale, cabbage, tofu seasoned perfectly, some beans and more!!
Traveling and fixing back pain - sitting in a car, plane or train you can jack your back up....WHY the seats are shaped the opposite way of our backs i'll never understand...instead of having lumbar support the seats cave your back in??? What's that all about? What person thought that up and WHY is it still in place??? Ahh oh well, it is what it is:) So how do you deal with the negative affects of these seats? First off, stay on your path of doing your Eischens Yoga beginner sequence every single day...even if it's ONE BREATH each pose, it does wonders. Put a big focus on your breath, get into the pose, breath in, breath out, move to next pose...it's simple but it works...quickly you'll find yourself holding each pose for 2-3 breaths or longer:) After the base sequence is done make sure then to do rest pose, get in a completely comfortable position while laying down, breath in (nose), breath out (mouth), focus purely on each breath...work your way from 4:2 counts all the way up to 10:5 counts....make it last about 5-6 minutes and your done:) Twice daily and no problems my friends:)
Intensity!! Helping others helps YOU! - Yesterday in Chicago before leaving for madison jess and i were helping out the noon class, giving feedback to students through our intensity. THIS is an interesting point, giving, helping, inspiring through OUR INTENSITY....THIS is a key at the MBG, it's not just yelling at folks, it's giving honest feedback, love really to people. People ask why i do this and it always comes back to love, i love helping people reach a higher level of performance. I literally can see them at higher levels, someone who can barely touch the rim to getting them to jumping so high they dunk hard!! Someone's who's out of shape to someone who's in sick shape, sprinting, jumping, handstand walking and rope climbing with ease!!! THIS comes across in two ways...pats on the back...I believe in you, you can do this! TO kicks in the arse....you're not quitting, screaming at them dont you frickin' stop!!! Both work, both have intensity and both have love in there own way:) THAT is the helping, the feedback that makes people helping people so important! WHY DO I SAY THIS IS LOVE? Many years ago a client of mine, a practicing Bhuddist names Josh, was training with me, after the session i said we're all going to minneapolis to watch carlos fight at the target center in his first pro mma fight...he asked to go...my mind was like no way so i asked are you sure and he said yes so he joined us. Carlos broke the opponents arm in 26 seconds, many fights were very bloody, even nasty in many ways. After i asked josh so what'd you think....after thinking many seconds and me thinking he's gonna say how horrible it was josh replied it was the most dramatic demonstration of........LOVE that i've ever seen!!! WHAT??? you got to explain that:) haha he asked me why i push him so when training him? cause i see what you can be, how amazing you can become....BUT WHY do you care to do this? .....it's love! because i care so much it's a way to give love to other humans:) thru inspiring them to higher level because we care to do so. SO he said this is what these guys are all doing tonight...each and all is ultimately taking each other to their highest level and that is why afterwards they hug, because they are giving thanks to that person for bringing out their all, to bringing them to their very essence of being!! THAT TO ME WAS SOOO TRUE!! In all my years of sports and especially competing in brazilian jiu-jitsu...that taking to the brink is incredible. It's a feeling you almost never get and THAT is why afterwards you hug your opponent or training partner...because they brought that out of you and you brought it out of them!!! THAT is why the MBG puts such an emphasis on partner feedback....because it is a chance to do what we all want to do, help our fellow man out and we can do this daily! And in doing so we help ourselves as well because in giving we get and then they give and get as well!! Love that story!!!!:) Hope you guys like it too!!
Fridays workout results: 15/15 x 25 total minutes...passed on the cleans and presses this week as after traveling and sitting alot my back was a little tight and after my kb warm up it did not feel better so intelligence said...PASS:) but the rest of the workout felt good to go:) Hey Hey Hey!!

  • 15/15 x 5 minutes of PJ Assisted Muscle Ups x 3s/3s/3s/3s/3s = *30 reps (w/power jumper - 2 greens and 1 red) This works 110% better than massive kipping MU's with walk up  as i feel like i'm only re-enforcing poor form on this exercise and now that i can do these staying close to the bar with good form i'm all over this exercise!!!:)
  • 15/15 x 5 minutes of Dips + 16lb vest x 10s/9s/8s/7s/6s  = *80 reps...MUCH BETTER challenge for me here....TIP - when you can do more than 10 in 15 seconds here move up in weight or challenge of exercise so that is exactly what i did here and it worked perfect. Last week did 100 without any resistance so this challenged me alot better!
  • 15/15 x 5 minutes of Pull Ups x 4s, 4s, 4s, 3s, 3s = *36 New PR (by 4 reps, 12 more reps in last 2 weeks improvement!!)
  • 15/15 x 5 minutes of Push Ups + R8 power push up x 8s/6s/4s/3s/3s = 48 REPS:) CRUSHED ME!! hahaha WAY HARDER WITH POWER PUSH UP!!!:) GREAT!!!
  • 15/15 x 5 minutes of PJ Assisted Muscle Ups x 3s/3s/2s/2s/0s = 20 reps GOOD FINISH!! ROUGH DANG:) Love this exercise:)
Felt pretty good today and it showed...first week got 223 then jumped up to 289 reps today got 214 total reps with added load and different muscle ups....i say this was another step up this week!
MBG 3 -

  1. Green Drink
  2. Bengal spice tea, rice milk, stevia
  3. Banana, walnuts
  4. Kale salad (above), cous cous, beans, cabbage
  5. organic food bar
  6. Spinach salad, sprouts, carrots, sweet potatoes, veggie wrap
  7. bengal spice tea, rice milk, stevia
Hope the story above can help you in your training and path of life as it helped and helps me:)
Peace my friends!


  1. Wow never looked at fighting that way! Although I have had those same feelings after competing in sports myself I never thought of it like that. Well put! And I gotta say the pics of Jessie's food always make me hungry haha! She sounds like a great cook.

  2. Big Medicine my friend. Thanks for sharing that story. While I abhor violence, I certainly understand the love and respect that drives fighters to bring out the best in one another.

  3. JOSEPH, BRAD - yeah josh completely shocked me with that answer but then i understood and remembered that same shared warrior experience of pushing each other to the brink and that mutual respect for having done that....that is a gift! that is love huh:) he was right!! he's a very cool dude and very wise too!!:) glad you guys liked it....i still like that story:)!!

  4. Very Cool! when you see Love in all things...thanks for sharing!


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