Peruvian Power Plant Meal, Excellent Intensive Day, Bar-baric workout!

Power Salad, white beans, yucca, roasted corn and amazing cilantro sauce
Man another awesome day! 9 more hours of intensive, had a great workout with jess and rick, then an off the hook meal tonight! Today we rounded up the end of the intensive and tomorrows the big final exam. The way all the students have been looking so far though i think it's a shoe in that this whole class will pass as they got a really great understanding of what the MBG way really is. Over the course we've worked about 9 hours each day, covered our training technique on how to re-align and heal all aches and pains with Eischens Yoga alignment to walking on your hands, bar muscle ups, approach jumps, sprints, power wheel plyo jumps, how to eat plant based and then how to put it all together Monkey Bar Gym style with the 8 week training cycle and our program design.
It's really been an great group and it's been a really big pleasure teaching this course!:)
MBG 1 - Eischens Yoga and restoration: did the EY beginner sequence first, then did an hour of partner feedback after that...THEN did a whole pro level Eischens Yoga class with Jessica and i have to say it was the best yoga class i've ever taken...felt like i was in a trance, totally focused on all poses, engaged, but yet moving with incredible ease. Then the rest pose at the end put a huge stamp of approval on it!!:) amazing morning of Eischens Yoga:)
MBG 2 Training: since my Bar-barian brother slick rick is here at the course he, jess and i trained together today and it was awesome!
Warm up skills - add one move, so i do a move on the parallel boxes, then rick, then jess...we keep adding 1 move each til we can no longer finish the sequence of moves...went something like this:
Dip > L seat > box muscle up > turn 180 degrees > cycle dip > L seat with half turn > planche hold > planche press hold > box muscle up > walking dip...then we all crashed:) but that was alot and it's really a great progressive warm up and great way to work on your skills.
  1. Muscle ups, Pullups:  5 muscle ups / 4, 1 / 3, 2 / 2, 3 / 1, 4 / 5 pullups
    1. We took turns doing each set with as crisp of form as each could, rick added a 30lb c-band to make it hard and still had perfect form:) dang:) so the 4, 1 means 4 MU's to 1 pull up as one set.
  2. Then we did a 1 rep hold 10, 1 rep hold 8 down to finish, then did 10-2 holds on each arm, then pull up and hold for 10 seconds each, then 8, 6, 4, 2 til done...great!!
  3. Then finished with push ups group work which is always great, 2 on floor, 4 on 6", 6 on 12", 8 on 18", 10 on 18", then back i did diamonds on the way up and it crushed me...felt great!!!:)
At the end all 3 of us were very happy with the workout:) 3.7*
MBG 3 power plant meals!
  • Mate' tea
  • organic food bar
  • veggie wrap and kombucha with chia seeds
  • pumpkin seeds, banana
  • apple and cashew butter
  • huge greens salad, tomatoes, corn, yucca root, white beans, cilantro sauce
  • vegan peanut butter cookies:) hey hey hey:)
Overall:) feeling great!!;)


  1. Jon-

    Last week when you asked which comic or movie superhero our friends see as "you", I had no idea at first. But one of my close friends (who happens to be into comics) said "Dude, you're totally Beast from X-Men!" He's right! Like me, Beast (aka Hank McCoy) enjoys reading and trying to enlighten himself. He's gentle but can kick someone in the rear if the situation calls for it. He's covered in fur and my friends like to point out my hairy chest and shoulders. He's also strong and agile and interested in health and science, like me. Of course I'm not jacked like he is, but that's ok.


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