New workout PR's! Simple & Strong Plant meals!

Bar-barian Slik Rick, Jeremy "B Ninja" and myself after training today:)
Man training and eating has been really strong the last few days and that is always good:) Since the MBG Intensive course finishing up on tuesday we've been back here in chicago and the training has been good, maybe due to chillin' after the course a bit, or my Bar-barian brother rick being in town with us which is always fun:) or maybe it's just being back at MBG Chicago:) Either way today before rick went back to nyc we thought we'd do a special quick workout favorite 15/15 x 10 minutes workout muscle ups:) Now Rick is a master on this exercise but he wanted to try this workout out and so this was very very cool.
Rick not only did it, but he crushed it with NO MOMENTUM MUSCLE UPS at all and the first 2 minutes he even added did slow negatives!! Man i was tripping at how controlled and easy he made it....he did sets of 3 for the first 5 sets and then finished with sets of 2 the rest of the way for 45 total perfect form bar muscle ups in the 10 minutes....he loved the workout and for sure wants to do it alot more over the next few weeks.
Motivated by my brother slik rick i had to go for it as well and was super happy at the fact that although i was using as much momentum as possible, kicking the windows out and doing walk ups:) hahaha i hit 45 reps too and man that made me feel great!! As i did sets of 2 for the first 5 minutes and then spurred on by rick i did 3/2 each minute the rest of the way for 45 total:) No doubt this was the best i've ever done on the bar muscle ups.
The last time i tried to do this same 15/15 x 10 minute muscle up workout i only made it about 2.5 minutes before missing and ended up only making about 10 total WMU's then could not make any this is a big day for me! After this rick and i did a pyramid partner push up routine...2, then stand, then jump down and do 4, then 6, 8, 10, 8, 6, 4, 50 push ups in about 90 seconds...all this right after i did the 15/ LOTS of reps in about 12 minutes:) haha
Then we took Rick to the station to get to the airport, then i came back and did some heavy push ups and wide pull ups both with some pauses on the last set. The NEW Power Push Up was awesome!! Man it works great and will be available soon so watch out for it as i'm using and testing this one prototype and diggin' it alot!! Todays workout - 3.9* AWESOME!!!

Wednesday was actually a record day for me as well as i tested myself on the Bar-barian requirements and although i did not do it in straight sets i did all the work required in 12:00 which beat my previous best by almost 2 minutes AND my first set of muscle ups i did in 5 reps straight!! No walk ups!!!! Another PR:) hey hey hey!!:)
My Meals lately have been very strong as well and think that is helping alot for my recovery during and after the intensive course .... my energy was good despite 6 nine hour lecturing days in a row:) Thinking that it was lots of pure water, green drink, tons of my favorite meal...
my strong plant meal:
Raw Kale, cous cous, raw nuts, corn, peas, carrots, mushrooms, sunflower seeds, garbanzo beans
This meal i ate daily after my noon workout along with a chia kombucha.... this meal worked great!
my strong plant snack:
Another simple meal i love is raw cashew butter and honey crisp apples

Well my friends, i wrote out and videotaped all the upcoming 8 week workouts for our MBG licensees and we've heard alot lately about folks wanting to see our workout videos we came up with a great idea that we will unveil in the next few weeks:) hahaha
stay tuned my friends as i think you're gonna love it!!


MBG 3 my friends!
strength and i love that...simple and strong:)


  1. Sounds like things are rollin' Jon. Nice. That meal sounds great too. Do you add any seasonings or dressing of any kind, or do you go rabbit style? :)

    Looking forward to the new video format and PP!


  2. hey brad, pretty much straight and it's awesome:) the new videos will be awesome...tell me what you think..people will be able to buy the 8 week cycles complete workouts...not just instructions but a full video of us doing the workouts! plus added pb recipes and ey feedback on various poses each 8 week cycle. So what do you think? hope you like the idea:)

  3. Yeah Jon, that sounds like what we talked about awhile back. Love the PB and EY stuff too. That'll be a great resource.

  4. yeah, now i think we're ready to do it, got a great photag and the 8 week cycles are working and proving the mbg system works amazingly well and for sure adding in the PB meals and EY poses with feedback...glad you like it:)

  5. Looking forward to the video option. Good idea.

  6. Yo Jon - what style of vivobarefoot shoes do you recommend for MBG style workouts?

  7. hey ryan, glad to hear it, we're putting alot of time into them and really hope everyone really loves them:) on the vivo's man they got so many good ones:) evo's the neo trail and the sandals too:)
    take care ryan:)

  8. Hi Jon! I miss jump rope sprints and the Turkish get-ups in the workouts. I also miss dead-lifts and that plyo workout where the instructor counts down from 10 on four different exercises. I miss card deck. I miss doing things that aren't some variation of pull-ups or push-ups. VARIETY PLEASE!!! Thanks!


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