J Rock results! Strong Plant meals!! Ol' school T-shirts!!! Check em out!!

Band of Brothers!! Jude, Renzo, Me, Luiz, Rick, Andy, Zef and Foggy:)
Wow the last few days have been a blurr! Having the Bar-barians here, teaching the courses, having my boy Foggy from Australia here....whew!!:) But man was it fun! haha Love hanging with my training brothers....like i said "Priceless" haha!:)
Got a fun question for you:) Which old school Lifeline usa shirt design do you like the best?
Adam and Eve
Hows about a jump
I love these shirts and want to bring them back! Hope you like them too!! Tell me which you like first and second and i'll do my best to get them made for you!!:)
MBG 1 restoration - did alot of Eischens Yoga supine bridge today as my back got super tight after traveling down here and then having a crazy bad night sleep with my dog nuka getting sick all night.
So what did i do? Did about 15 sets of supine bridge, supine mountain and the result? Feeling almost 100% in minutes!!! That is awesome! Cause man that bed jacked my back UP!!!!:) haha
MBG 2 training - J Rock with Foggy and Jeremy 
Warmed up wtih 150 yards of handstand walking IGOUGOUGO style til all were done! felt good!
Then did J Rock x 3 rounds: for HSPU's and wide Pull Ups...Handstand Push Ups (HSPU's) 

  1. HSPU no assistance, bxt 70, bxt 140                    - 6,6,8(20) / 4,7,9(20) / 2,8,10(20) = 60 total
  2. Wide Pull ups: no assist, PUR 2 greens, 3 greens -8,7,6(21) / 7,7,8(22) / 7,9,10(26) = 69 total
My Bar-barian brothers buyout: 5 bar muscle ups and 50 diamond push ups
Good workout!!
MBG 3 plant based eating - simple and strong meals

  • kuchicha tea with some stevia
  • kale, tomatoes, pine nuts, beans, sesame seeds, sesame seed croutons
  • organic food bar
  • kumbucha
  • garbanzo beans and curry sauce, spinach, brown rice
  • kumbucha
  • some vegan cookies:)
  • brown rice, tofu, bell peppers, onions, basil, seaweed salad

Good day my friends:) Good company of good friends...much appreciation for what i have:)


  1. Great t-shirt designs. I like 'Hows about a jump.'

  2. mmmm good choices:) got some other votes on FB so it's sort of close right now:) keep you posted!


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