Great UNBREAKABLE today!! Powerful plant meals too:) Watch PW muscle ups too!!

Tried this out today with the power wheel and it was pretty cool:) Try it out!!
Unbreakable was awesome today!! Back in Madison for last few days and my energy is
coming back so decided to train again today after a few days off.
MBG 1 restoration - been doing Eischens Yoga every day again lately and man it is bringing me
back to feeling good again:) Simple note....doing EY even in it's simplest form reaps incredible results. This can be in the form of of 1 second or 1 breath holds all the way up to 10 count slow holds on every pose...thinking of "Feeling" engagement on all poses thru activity and extension! FEEL!! Extension all the way thru the body....really 'feel' the body being engaged fully on each pose! THAT IS THE KEY!!
MBG 2 training -
First checked myself on the Bar-barians requirements again...this time with perfect form only:) Well it was a bit different:) haha:) Since i did not do proper muscle ups i double them up with 10 walk up muscle ups...ugly but i did em:) haha Then nailed the 45 dips (this is a done deal:)...then the pullups...ahhh this was tough:) haha did 10, 5, 5, 5 with perfect straight leg together form. No doubt this took alot of time...then nailed the 55 push ups (again i'm cool here:). Then the end was 10 more ugly walk up muscle ups:) haha this took awhile:) = 13:28!! ahhhh got some work ahead of me!! I did not rush at all on this but just wanted to do it as best as i could and so the slow time was cool.

MY GOAL is to improve this every week until i pass the Bar requirements before 2012!!!!:)

Unbreakable: did 6 sets of each exercise instead as i did not do the legs part being out in the park.
  1. Push Ups - sets of 25 did all in straight sets
  2. Pull Ups - sets of 5 all very clean strong reps
  3. Dips - sets of 15 all clean as well
  4. Jump MU's - sets of 10 focusing on clean pulls and quick turn over at top
This with all the extra reps came to about 475 reps today which is cool:)
MBG 3 eating - 
  1. Spice tea with some stevia and rice milk
  2. Mixed green, tomato, sprouts, clovers, walnuts, vegan patty, flax oil
  3. peach
  4. 2 ezekial bread, raw cashew butter, raw honey sandwiches
  5. spice tea
  6. broccoli, tofu, rice, cashews
  7. tea
Good day my friends:) sleep well tonight!!


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