Good J Rock 2 workout today! Strong as hell meals! B-barian requirements results:)

Eating at Native Foods with my buddies who ran the Urban-athlon here in Chicago:) 

Really solid day today:)....feeling great tonight!! The above picture shows Jeremy (MBG Chicago) and two of MBG friends and trainers Darren "Don Juan" (from DC) and Pete "Silky Smooth" (from Cleveland) and their two friends who all ran the race...they said it was alot of fun and makes me want to do it next year:) Stephon Curry of MBG Madison did it too and did great! He said they did great!! So that is all good:)
QUESTION FOR YOU: What comic type movie best describes YOU? :) Think about this, a movie that might be sort of a super hero or cartoon character that others or yourself might say is you!!
Mine is Hellboy:) haha Jessie and others have said dang he's alot like you:) Big head:) (thanks:) loves pancakes and cats (true big time) and is sort of into training:) (true:) haha and likes to take on challenges (true) and the horns on his head even...i have a bump on my head still from breakdancing and spinning on my head!!:) haha so sort of there:) Complicated!!!!! Yes, okay:) maybe that is true too:) haha....jessie said OH YES!!! haha:)

MBG 1 - restoration: did Eischens Yoga before training today along with chest expander shoulder drills, indian club drills, ring drills and wrist mobility drills....felt good to train after:)
MBG 2 - training today J Rock 2 workout...1st did the Bar-barian requirements test to see where i'm at on it....went pretty good til the pullups:) haha that crushed me:)
  • 5 x Bar Muscle ups (pretty much nailed these...very small walk up on 2 of them so good start)
  • 45 x dips (got these done without a pause at all...tough though:)
  • 25 x pullups, strict no kips (crushed 12, 6, 4, 3 = that jacked my forearms!)
  • 55 x push ups (paused at the top, but did not drop so did all 55 straight still)
  • HERE i was at the 10 minute mark....forearms crazy jacked up and missed first 4 walk up MU"s in a row which was not cool....arms were crazy pumped!
  • 5 x bar muscle ups (not happening easy so as i mentioned before if i have to do walk up MU's then i do 10 instead and this went like this: 3, 4, 3....but getting these 10 took 5 minutes!!!
15 MINUTES TOTAL!!!! DANG:) haha well i got some work still but i see improvement still today as i hit 3 of the 5 pretty good. Still need to hit the 1st set of MU's without much kips at all and zero walk ups and i'm kipping still and walking up a hair on the first set.
The pushing ones i got...the pullups....ahhhhh this one is the toughest for me but i'm confident by new years i'm still on pace.....the last MU"s whew, this was brutal so did 10 WMU"s but dang it took a long time...i know it's coming along though and so i'm happy about it:)
J Rock 2: After the Bb test could barely do 1 hspu so nixed even doing that and went straight to slighly assisted and stuck with that for all 3 rounds and it worked perfect!!
  1. HSPU + 70lb bxt x 8,4,3 (15) / 5,3,2 (10) / 5,3,2 (10) = 35 total
  2. Wide pull ups + PUR2greens x 12,7,5 (24) / 10,7,5 (22) / 10,7,5 (22) = 68 total
TOTAL REPS = 103 reps

Buy Out - 5 bar muscle ups (straight:) to 50 diamond push ups (25,10,8,7 = 50)
3.75* workout:) feeling great after!!!!:)

MBG 3 eating:
  1. Green drink
  2. spice tea
  3. kale, pine nuts, cranberries, beans, corn, cous cous, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sesame croutons
  4. organic food bar
  5. kale, tomatoes, tofu, almonds....veg soup with beans and spinach
  6. spice tea
  7. organic food bar, apple, cashew butter

Over all felt really good today:) Sleep 8 hours for 3rd day in a row!!:)
Hope you all are doing good my friends:)


  1. Jon,
    I really have no idea about the comic type movie question. I have to think about it and get back to you.
    I recently took up judo at the start of this semester and I feel really strong when I'm doing it and its definitely because of the last 8 week cycle and the current one.
    Also, I have a few questions. First, I was wondering when you would incorporate the power jumper into the 8 week cycle? And how are you progressing to strict muscle ups?

  2. The comic book superhero I'm most like is probably the Crow.
    1. I'm an ex-goth who still listens to plenty of old school goth music.
    2. I'm very tall and thin.
    3. I'm into 19th century French poetry (that's from the comic, not the movie).
    4. I love cats.
    5. I practice and teach Jeet Kun Do, and my JKD instructor taught Brandon Lee.
    6. I'm just a sensitive, artsy guy at heart!
    All in all, I'd be a pretty good Crow, if only I wasn't bald!

  3. MATT - very cool, judo is a great sport and glad the 8 week mbg cycle is helping you out alot! progressing to strict MU's...lots of strict pullups, getting more and more strict on my MU form each time i do's coming along too:)
    BRANDON - very cool choice! I actually trained at guru dans academy in marina del ray and actually saw brandon test for muay thai...very cool brandon on the names too:)
    peace my friends and great comments both!

  4. Jon: I train under a guy named Burton Richardson (a vegetarian!), who trained under Guro Dan since 1980. I had the pleasure of training with Guro Dan when he came to Hawaii a few years back. Amazing man, and still superfit and supertough in his early 70s!

  5. superhero: Wolverine!!!

    1. Solitary
    2. Good heart, hot head (pre-yoga days)
    3. Never backs down to a challenge
    4. Ladies man...


  6. BRANDON - yes i've heard of him very cool!! and yes guru dan is bad ass!!:) haha
    DARREN - Wolverine huh:) haha yeah i can see that my friend!!:) haha good call:) haha
    so what's pete?:)


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