1,000 yard Power Wheel Crawl VIDEO in 45 minutes!! Awesome meals!!

VIDEO: Yesterday just was feeling great so i went for it:) 1,000 yard Power Wheel crawl in 45 minutes!!:) This is a PR and broke my previous best of 480 yards on my birthday June 4th of 21 minutes by getting 500 in 20 minutes...so my pacing was great and after i really felt amazing!! It's incredible how it makes you feel opened up and healthy!!:)
When doing this yesterday never did it take more than 3 sets to make 100 yards, usually doing 45, 30, 25 to get to the other end of the football field and that worked great! It did get hard to keep doing that at the end though as the last 100 was tough:) haha
MBG 1 - Still doing Eischens Yoga beginner sequence each day and that feels great and the pw crawl actually made my posture feel amazing!!!
MBG 2 - Yesterday did the crawl so i thought today being eager to train again:) haha i did some c-band resisted bar muscle ups to non resisted, then some pull ups with c-bands, then some L seat chin ups with c-band and again a great workout!!
Bar Walk up Muscle ups (left walk up, right walk up) x 30lb c-band / 0 c-band: 0,0 / 2,2 x 3 sets, then last set was 0,0 / 1,1 so i stopped there with a total of 0 resisted:) BUT i was very close on 3 attempts and am confident i will get it next time. On the walk ups which i did after a 20 second rest i did 2s each side and that felt good. Total reps was 14.
Wide Pull ups x 2 reps each of 70lb (c-band), then 50lb, then 30lb, then no c-band for 4 rounds
For a total of 32 reps.
L seat chin ups x 2 reps of 70lb c-band, for 7 rounds = 14 reps total
Again it felt really great and training outside in the beautiful weather made it all the more perfect:)
MBG 3 - awesome plant meals
  • Mixed greens, tomato, beans, sprouts, clovers, almonds, flax oil
  • peach
  • kale, cous cous, cranberries, pine nuts, walnuts, beans, pumpkin seeds
  • apple
  • kale, squash, veggie patty, walnuts, sesame seeds
  • apple
Peace my friends:)


  1. Nice workouts JH.

    Man I miss training outside big time.

    Bar-Barian by New year still looking on the cards??


  2. Jon
    It seems like you working out hard and smart. I still can't workout until October 24.The doctor did not want me to workout until my stitches have completely healed. I think I will be doing your 8 week cycle and I plan on video taping as much as possible I am trying to eat as much plant based as possible.


  3. FOGGY - must be raining down there? just feeling good again and man it feels good to train hard:) Yeah i'm feeling confident i'll be a bar-barian by new years...todays workout helped my confidence a bit....doing some MU's and almost getting some with pink c-band....gonna do that more often as when i took it off i really felt great on MU's and pullups both...it will work i feel...try it out foggy for sure and tell me how you like it!!
    JOHN - yeah just eat clean and strong PB my friend and do simple stuff like holds, eischens yoga if that's okay and breathing drills! amazing stuff can happen with just those 3 my friend!!

  4. Thanks Jon this shoulder is still bothering me I want to try to at least get the ey in. It's my third week since the operation and I am really stiff from not doing anything as the dr. does not want me bending down I think she thinks I will get light headed and since my balance is off. I can't wait to get clearance.I am hoping the pb diet can clean me out from all the medication they gave me. I have been taking sour of life protein with spinach and a banana what a difference in how I feel when i take this shake.


  5. BTW

    Due to a massive deficit in pull vs push ratio I have decided to add a BB style buy-out with pull ups on top of the 50 diamond push ups.

    1 x 50 rep pullups to chest with 3 green bands on PUR. Its taking me two sets at present 28 + 22 reps. When I can get 50 I will drop to 2 bands.

    It is however light enough not to stress my shoulder and elbow issues so its a good fit as a buy-out.


  6. JOHN - listen to your body no doubt and the pb will help out too...as soon as you can move though without pain or worry...move:) haha
    FOGGY - man that sounds great!! i like that alot, we'll see how we improve on these two attacks!! yours is smart for the shoulder / elbow too!! good job mate' tell me how it is going okay!

  7. Strong work Jon. Glad you're feeling good again my friend. I'm starting over again and it feels good. Rebuilding my strength and endurance. I'm like a fresh piece of clay. Time to shape something great!



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