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New workout PR's! Simple & Strong Plant meals!

Man training and eating has been really strong the last few days and that is always good:) Since the MBG Intensive course finishing up on tuesday we've been back here in chicago and the training has been good, maybe due to chillin' after the course a bit, or my Bar-barian brother rick being in town with us which is always fun:) or maybe it's just being back at MBG Chicago:) Either way today before rick went back to nyc we thought we'd do a special quick workout favorite 15/15 x 10 minutes workout muscle ups:) Now Rick is a master on this exercise but he wanted to try this workout out and so this was very very cool.
Rick not only did it, but he crushed it with NO MOMENTUM MUSCLE UPS at all and the first 2 minutes he even added did slow negatives!! Man i was tripping at how controlled and easy he made it....he did sets of 3 for the first 5 sets and then finished with sets of 2 the rest of the way for 45 total perfect form bar muscle ups in the 10 …

Peruvian Power Plant Meal, Excellent Intensive Day, Bar-baric workout!

Man another awesome day! 9 more hours of intensive, had a great workout with jess and rick, then an off the hook meal tonight! Today we rounded up the end of the intensive and tomorrows the big final exam. The way all the students have been looking so far though i think it's a shoe in that this whole class will pass as they got a really great understanding of what the MBG way really is. Over the course we've worked about 9 hours each day, covered our training technique on how to re-align and heal all aches and pains with Eischens Yoga alignment to walking on your hands, bar muscle ups, approach jumps, sprints, power wheel plyo jumps, how to eat plant based and then how to put it all together Monkey Bar Gym style with the 8 week training cycle and our program design.
It's really been an great group and it's been a really big pleasure teaching this course!:)
MBG 1 - Eischens Yoga and restoration: did the EY beginner sequence first, then did an hour of partner feedback aft…

Monkey Bar Gym Intensive on POINT!! Training, Restoration, Nutrition!

Man my friends i wish you were all here to share in this awesome course!! The info, the discussions, the constant seeking of the truth is what we are all about. Must say the truth shall seriously set you free and that is something I LOVE about what the MBG is all about. Getting to the marrow of fitness, balancing the body thru alignment and nutrition.
What IS Fitness? To me it is having the ability to do any movement i want at anytime without reservation of doing it...from running a sprint to running a mountainside, pushing a car to walking on my hands down the street, to breakdancing all out, anything, reservations, no hesitation....just pure joy of expressing myself fully thru movement!!
What is a TRULY balanced body? To me having a TRULY balanced body means having a perfect balance of stability & mobility, not being limited by tightness, looseness nor pain but feeling light, aligned, balanced and in balance that the mind and body are peaceful and at ease…

Good J Rock 2 workout today! Strong as hell meals! B-barian requirements results:)

Really solid day today:)....feeling great tonight!! The above picture shows Jeremy (MBG Chicago) and two of MBG friends and trainers Darren "Don Juan" (from DC) and Pete "Silky Smooth" (from Cleveland) and their two friends who all ran the race...they said it was alot of fun and makes me want to do it next year:) Stephon Curry of MBG Madison did it too and did great! He said they did great!! So that is all good:)
QUESTION FOR YOU: What comic type movie best describes YOU? :) Think about this, a movie that might be sort of a super hero or cartoon character that others or yourself might say is you!!
Mine is Hellboy:) haha Jessie and others have said dang he's alot like you:) Big head:) (thanks:) loves pancakes and cats (true big time) and is sort of into training:) (true:) haha and likes to take on challenges (true) and the horns on his head even...i have a bump on my head still from breakdancing and spinning on my head!!:) haha so sort of there:) Complicated!!!!!…

Cool Power Wheel video, bizzy day at MBG Chi and simple strong meal!!

Simple Power Wheel video doing tiger push ups....GREAT STRENGTH EXERCISE that improves shoulder mobility, movement skill and strength no doubt!!:) Try this gem out my'll dig it!!
MBG 1 restoration - played around this morning with some very cool variations of Eischens Yoga feedback and man it felt great! Gonna keep working on this as it went great and no doubt it can evolve into something very cool to show you all:) Today also went to the club industry show at the mccormick place and showed our stuff for a few hour and then jumped on a water massage table and man that was sweet my friends...not bad stuff:)
MBG 2 training - after working all day, doing some training with a local high school team (on that note chicago public bball is WAY stronger, bigger and athletic than madison wi:) haha ....can you say DANG! haha Anyways worked all day and could only lightly train at about 7:30 kept it simple: did 5 sets of 20 of:
Power Wheel tiger push ups...actually rol…

1,000 yard Power Wheel Crawl VIDEO in 45 minutes!! Awesome meals!!

VIDEO: Yesterday just was feeling great so i went for it:) 1,000 yard Power Wheel crawl in 45 minutes!!:) This is a PR and broke my previous best of 480 yards on my birthday June 4th of 21 minutes by getting 500 in 20 my pacing was great and after i really felt amazing!! It's incredible how it makes you feel opened up and healthy!!:)
When doing this yesterday never did it take more than 3 sets to make 100 yards, usually doing 45, 30, 25 to get to the other end of the football field and that worked great! It did get hard to keep doing that at the end though as the last 100 was tough:) haha
MBG 1 - Still doing Eischens Yoga beginner sequence each day and that feels great and the pw crawl actually made my posture feel amazing!!!
MBG 2 - Yesterday did the crawl so i thought today being eager to train again:) haha i did some c-band resisted bar muscle ups to non resisted, then some pull ups with c-bands, then some L seat chin ups with c-band and again a great workout!!
Bar Wa…

Great UNBREAKABLE today!! Powerful plant meals too:) Watch PW muscle ups too!!

Tried this out today with the power wheel and it was pretty cool:) Try it out!!
Unbreakable was awesome today!! Back in Madison for last few days and my energy is
coming back so decided to train again today after a few days off.
MBG 1 restoration - been doing Eischens Yoga every day again lately and man it is bringing me
back to feeling good again:) Simple note....doing EY even in it's simplest form reaps incredible results. This can be in the form of of 1 second or 1 breath holds all the way up to 10 count slow holds on every pose...thinking of "Feeling" engagement on all poses thru activity and extension! FEEL!! Extension all the way thru the body....really 'feel' the body being engaged fully on each pose! THAT IS THE KEY!!
MBG 2 training -
First checked myself on the Bar-barians requirements again...this time with perfect form only:) Well it was a bit different:) haha:) Since i did not do proper muscle ups i double them up with 10 walk up muscle ups...ugly but i…

J Rock results! Strong Plant meals!! Ol' school T-shirts!!! Check em out!!

Wow the last few days have been a blurr! Having the Bar-barians here, teaching the courses, having my boy Foggy from Australia here....whew!!:) But man was it fun! haha Love hanging with my training i said "Priceless" haha!:)
Got a fun question for you:) Which old school Lifeline usa shirt design do you like the best?
Adam and Eve
Hows about a jump
I love these shirts and want to bring them back! Hope you like them too!! Tell me which you like first and second and i'll do my best to get them made for you!!:)
MBG 1 restoration - did alot of Eischens Yoga supine bridge today as my back got super tight after traveling down here and then having a crazy bad night sleep with my dog nuka getting sick all night. So what did i do? Did about 15 sets of supine bridge, supine mountain and the result? Feeling almost 100% in minutes!!! That is awesome! Cause man that bed jacked my back UP!!!!:) haha MBG 2 training - J Rock with Foggy and Jeremy  Warmed u…