What an amazing week! Trained 4 hours a day! Added some great friends too!!:)

Me hanging with my Bar-barian friends Zef, Andy, Rick, Jude and Keith (Abz...how'd he get that name:) haha dang!!

Man jess and i just got back from NYC and have to say that was one of my funnest times of my life! Got to do what i love...train bodyweight all day long with my friends, learned a ton of great stuff, gained a bunch of new friends/family! and ate like a champ!! tons of great places to eat! and then hung out in my favorite hood in nyc the Lower East Side at my good buddy Gavin's place and then got to ride my bike all over too!! Paradise!!!:) hahaha
You know what was so crazy was these guys (the Bar-barians) are all super cool dudes, humble, honest, super hard working...crazy hard actually:) and they have crazy passion for what they do too!! It was just amazing, we hit it off great and for sure will be hanging and training alot more in the near future!
jess and i wake up about 6am...yes that is a habit:) haha no matter what time we go to sleep:) haha
then we'd have some pure water, then maybe walk over to my good buddy marcus's "The Juice Press" place and get some green drinks and maybe some of his off the hook soaked oats with berries!! Then we'd walk to Soho, got some funky vivo's while there at a vivobarefoot store too which tons of folks liked as we walked the streets:)
Then we'd go train for about 2 hours maybe on our own or with Rick. He's a super cool guy who is an incredible athlete, can do everything really well! So we'd do a simple push up and chin up workout that was something like this 10 push ups, then walk a bit then repeat to a certain marker...that was very challenging:) then do something similar on the bars for pulling...this was always fun and challenging...we'd do this for about 2-3 rounds and then do a finisher to crush it and then we were done.
After training then it's off to eat, usually something like whole foods salad bar or TJP or some other great plant based joint...nyc has a bunch!! I loved that!:) Then chill for a few hours and read and take a nap. Jess and i also made it a habit of taking a daily massage down in china town...man those were awesome foot massages and then back, neck, shoulders, head and hands too....ahhhh:) haha
After that it's back to the park to workout with all the Bar-barians!! Zef & Jude (the originators!) train late when it's cooler and less crowded which is cool for me! We'd do something like we did earlier in the day but Zef always did stuff super hard versions!:) hahaha man i was like dam my friend haha first set might be 25 pull ups with 5 count holds between every 5 reps...that crushed me:) Then something similar for pushing...it was all great!! Keep doing that til the end of about....2-3 hours!! Then do a finisher...yesterday it was 10 muscle ups without kipping or stopping...if you break form or your set you had to do 50 triangle push ups....NICE!!:) haha So i had to do the push ups hahaha
Cant explain what a honor and privilege it was to train with these guys:) each day i was exhausted but we just kept going and it worked! As it went longer i felt better and stronger and so did jessie:) She actually impressed them alot and they think she'll be the 1st Female Bar-barian!!!! She was crushing the chin ups to almost her sternum! Then the strict full dips and push ups...they were all saying dang she's strong as hell:) haha It was great!!!
So after the finisher at night then we'd grab some more good food from a place called quintessence and man that place is wicked good and healthy and again it's close...1 block from TSP!!!
So get this...Gavins is literally a 5 minute walk from TSP, the Juice Press 1 block too!! Man it was awesome!!!
Each day was pretty much like that give or take a meeting now and then for business and working on the computers each day too for a few hours.
Another thing i loved was how open they were to doing Eischens Yoga which they really dug:) They all felt the positive change immediately!
We had a great time and i took 35 videos so get ready cause i'll be showing them alot over the next few weeks:) Most of the videos are of zef, jude, rick, andy and keith using the power wheel, jungle gym xt, the power push up, the power jumper and did some chest expander work too! Really cool how they picked it up and just started thinking WAY outside the box and did some wicked stuff immediately on them all....no doubt the favorite as usual was the power wheel which Zef said he's not bringing out anymore so he can train on it just on his own:) haha Told him the PW crawl world record and he wants it so we'll see!!! Hope to have video it or show it in person and break it! That would be awesome as the record of 260 held by Pete Brooks has been un-approached for about 5 years...no one else has even hit 200 yards yet!! Zef is gonna go for it and i think he might get it:)
You'll see some of the stuff they did which is insanely hard with the power wheel!!!
Well my friends, as much as i want to keep training super hard i'm chilling like a Gorilla this week and going to be doing EY privates daily along with massage daily, super healthy eating as usual and only very light bodyweight stuff for mobility and stability only....the temptation to train will be hard but it will be worth is when i feel Strong as a Gorilla starting next week!!!!:)
Peace my friends and stay tuned to LOTS of great videos!!


  1. bummed I missed ya, brutha! Next time, gimme a heads UP, homie!

  2. I can't wait to see the videos.And I can't wait for Jon to be back doing some workshops hopefully next time.


  3. Sounds like a sweet trip.

    What style of vivobarefoot do you recommend?

  4. Hey John,
    I bought the monster walk bands and watched your instructional video which was really helpful. I was wondering if there is an actual workout video for monster walk bands with music and such... That would be an amazing workout if there is and would help me out quite a bit. Any info would be most appreciated. Thanks again.

  5. hey JS, just the instructional dvd that came with it:) good idea though!!:)


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