Sweaty One works:) haha plus some more playground fun!

Jessie and I just trying to relax a bit:)
Gonna get to the point on todays blog as i'm busy as heck and ready for bed:) Loved todays workout "Sweaty One" especially since i havent done a kettlebell snatch in almost a year:) i was interested in seeing how i'd do....AND cause since having lung burn awhile ago i've been a bit hesitant on doing anything hardcore and the ssst 10 minute for part 1 of todays workout is no doubt a lung tester!!:) SO it was 10 minute SSST (secret service snatch test) with a 24k and i did not feel too bad...took it sort of easy and got 193 reps (my PR is 241 which i did when in top condition right before getting lung burn:) Second part was 10 minutes of jump rope which i used one of our Lifeline weighted speed ropes (yellow 1 pound) and this too i did at a good but not too intense pace and hit 1,350 reps. For this workout i goal set folks to get over 300 total. This comes from KB test reps (193) plus JR reps minus the last digit (135)...SO my total is 328 reps! Feel pretty good about today since i feel i was going pretty easy and cause my lungs did not burn!! Next Goal is 400+!!!! Hey hey hey!!:)
After this jess and i went to a local park and played around doing L seat wide pull ups alternated with L seat dips for about 5 rounds...then did a very nice "buy out" as my Bar-barian brothers say of 10 wide pullups to 10 close chin ups and 50 push ups off this 2x4 bench i have and that felt awesome!! Loved the workout and loved the second half and for sure the finisher!! Felt good to have a good strong workout after LA:) haha
That's it for today my friends!!
QUESTION : What did you get today?
Peace my friends:)


  1. I had 110 snatches with the 24 which was down from last week, but my jump rope was up to 1324. Total was 2424, or 242 getting rid of the last digit. The thing holding me back with the snatches is my calluses on my hands really start bothering me. Definitely going to try and break the 300 barrier and possibly the 400 barrier. I definitely have more snatches in me so I just gotta go harder next time. Ran out of time so I a little PW crawl to bring myself up to 200 yards so far this week. Still working on one arm chinups and pushups which I am trying to do throughout the day. And I work on one arm handstands and straddle l-sits one day and planche and front lever training another day twice a week.


  2. no worries matthew you have a baseline now and that is what you'll build on each week and that is good! get a ped egg and shave those caluses down too!!:) you'll crush it soon!

  3. Jon,
    What is the hip extension exercise for tomorrow?


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