Leaner & Stronger Training Tips and Another Bar-barian & Power Wheel video!!

Bar-barian's Andy doing Power Wheel Alligator push ups!! These guys are all very high level and Andy is one of the best in the world at push ups, dips and pull ups and watch how challenging the power wheel is for even him! This exercise is in our upcoming 8 week cycle too so use Andy as inspiration and try to hang with one of the best in the world!!!
This week as you know is rest and recovery week and so far been doing good, i'm actually not doing any push ups or chin ups!!:)
Q & A: I've been asked many times what is the best way to get stronger & leaner while being plant based AND doing bodyweight training. 
For getting Stronger:
CHALLENGE & ADAPT: To me it is always simply a case of constant challenge and adaptation to various skills and movements...find various movements that challenge you at your level; push ups, pull ups, squats, hip extensions, etc.
CHALLENGE THE INTENSITIES: find a level of each that challenges you and then train them as often as you can while challenging each with various types of loads...for example pure strength one day, pure power another and then maybe pure static holds on another OR maybe a mix of all of them in a metabolic type workout.
KEEP TRACK AND PROGRESS EACH WEEK: here i like to keep track of them each and progress them each week like we are currently doing in our 8 week cycle. IF you do this you will adapt and progress on each and all of the movements over the 8 week cycles. THIS is how you get stronger.
How do you get leaner: It is simple as well...
EAT STRONG PLANT BASED MEALS: no fluff, eat only foods that when you hold them and feel them you know them make you strong! Kale, beans, sweet potatoes are great! In general colorful vegeatables, fruits, nuts, seeds, pseudo grains and roots!
EAT ONLY WHEN HUNGRY: dont eat by the clock, eat when HUNGRY!!
EAT ONLY TIL SATISFIED: very important again, eat ONLY enough to satisfy no more! Think if you had to workout again right after eating or within a half hour how much would you eat? This is how animals think about it because their life is on the line, do the same and get the same results. You may eat more often during the day with smaller meals but you'll have greater energy and never feel sluggish and tired. BIG point here is you train when slightly hungry too and you'll have MUCH better results. NO ANIMAL hunts when it's full right?:) They hunt when they're..........HUNGRY!!!!:) haha
THIS is how you get leaner!!
Do one and get very good results, do both and get leaner and stronger!!!!
Hope this helps you all out my friends!!


  1. Awesome awesome post!! Can't wait to start the new 8 week cycle!

  2. glad you like it james:) yeah get excited cause it's an awesome cycle!!!:)

  3. John, been doing that after the CNT course.
    Powerwheel is awesome, strenght, power, cardio... all in one.
    Waiting for the 8 week cycle workout!
    - Steve -

  4. hey steve, they're gonna be awesome i'm so excited i'm probably gonna start tomorrow:) haha
    keep in touch you guys and tell me how they're going okay!

  5. Sounds like we have some positive energy for the next cycle of workouts. I'm looking forward to them as well.

    Great suggestions in your blog today.

  6. Hey Jon,

    Do you consider wheat or peanuts to be strong plant foods? I ask because I often have a PB sandwich or almond butter sandwich on wheat during the week when I'm at work, but I've never seen you mention PB or wheat much on your blog and I noticed here you mentioned pseudo grains (like quinoa?) as good choices. Thanks!

  7. thanks guys:) james that is a good question too. it is important to pay attention to how foods make you feel...if that pb&j makes you feel great then it makes no difference what i say:) haha i do not eat much for breads unless they're sprouted breads as those are most healthy and for grains yes just pseudo ones mostly but occassionally i'll have some rice or wheat too...just pay attention to how it makes you feel. rice and wheat usually do not feel good and strong to me so i dont eat them much:)
    hope this helps!!


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