LA business, maintanance workouts and vegan restaurants in LA!

NUKA being bad, jumping up on massage table:)

Well started the week AND the new 8 week cycle off very strong and man did it hit a wall when we traveled to LA. One day of travel, meetings and more travel = fatique.
Same on next day = fatique....both of these started the whole week in LA sort of rough and taught me some good lessons....although i was traveling to a place i generally have a good time in (LA), i still need to get adequate rest and recovery. Dont schedule meetings on the same travel days:) Make sure to be more patient with my time and not rush to get places and get meetings and travel done. In doing so i really zonked myself and then did not sleep well either....SO...i tried to train and continue to follow the workouts all week long but honestly did NOT have it any day while in instead i listened to my body and mind, rested more and did easy workouts each day and although i still felt tired all week i still got a bit better with rest each day and look forward to this 2nd week of training.
SO generally while in LA all week here is what i basically did:) i hope this might help some of you while you travel and gives you the okay to just do maintenance workouts instead. IF this is the case pop ups or simple 10 x 10 easy exercises are both great substitutes. (explained them in a previous blog post for you all)
MBG 1 restoration - Eischens Yoga a few various poses every day, rested more than usual:)
MBG 2 training - usually did 10x10 of variations of push ups and pull ups almost each day and then did some 1 leg step ups and some jump squats and back domes on other days...these i liked alot...super simple...20 jump squats (touch fingers) alternated with 20 count back domes = felt good, nice sweat! YES this was super easy but that is the point, do not overdo it when you feel exhausted...yeah sure sometimes i've had my best workouts ever when tired...intelligence though tells me check it out for a few sets and if i still do not feel good then do the pop up or easy 10x10 and that is what i did each day. Back to it tomorrow though:)
MBG 3 eating - had alot of fun here eating lots of healthy foods all over LA and santa monica.
green drink from local health food store - kale, spinach, parsley, beet and apple
had some soy latte's a few times:) followed by alot of water and more greens to re-balance it:)
all hale kale salad at veggie grills - kale, cranberries, nuts, peppers and grilled mock chicken (amazing)
kukicha tea - now a favorite!! add some stevia and it's off the hook!!
vegan burrito at real food daily - brown rice, peppers, onions, carrots, black beans, avocado
maybe a vegan cupcake OR vegan this is a weaaaaakness when traveling to big cities that have vegan places to eat like veggie grill, golden mean, better life, planet raw, rawvolution and more in santa monica!!:) no worries though my friends, i enjoy it and it makes me happy and that is totally cool, dont get all freaked out, enjoy it and make a special event out of it....
LAST dinner in LA jessie, henry, mr. matt and jenny and i all decided to have some fun and i highly recommend you all try this at some time too someday.....nix the dinner and go straight to deserts for dinner!!!:) haha Henry and i did it once while training Antoni Hardonk in Amsterdam....bought a vegan pie, vegan cake and vegan ice cream and had a great time eating it all instead of dinner and laughed all night while eating and watching talledaga nights....woke up the next morning feeling great too!! Why? cause we truly enjoyed it and did not freak out about it...we really had fun and so our bodies and minds felt okay with it...heck we even felt ripped the next morning!!!:) haha
SO we did the same again in LA; planet raw (vanilla and chocolate puddings), better life (vegan pie, cake) , golden mean - here we went crazy:) cake was amazing so we got 3 types, a cheesecake, some pudding and of course coconut ice cream....again...felt great!! and no sugar hang over the next day!! :) haha
Got to have fun my friends....friends, good food, lots of laughing...lots of sugar will do that!!:) haha
try it out sometime my friends and make sure to invite lots of friends and map out lots of great locations:)
peace my friends!!


  1. Hey Jon,

    Sounds like you had a blast. Golden Mean is right down the street form my office and VG is right next door. Gonna have to try the all desert/dinner thing too. Rest-up my friend!

  2. hey brad, man i was just too tired to schedule much...not feeling energetic at all after the first two days...think it was just so much travel over the last 2 weeks:) either way the last day made it end on a fun note:) hope you try it and enjoy it like i did as well:)

  3. Totally get it my friend. Last week was a doozy for me too. I'm gonna have my free VG b-day meal tomorrow!


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