Hanging with the Bar-barians at Wingate Park today!! Then Super Strong PB Eats!!!

Wingate Park where most of the best Bar Guys in the World Train!!
Man what a cool time i'm having here in NYC training with the Bar-barians 2 days in a row right now! Since arriving on Tuesday night we've been training crazy hard, yesterday went up to a park here in the LES and ran into a young Bar-barian named Christian an 18 year old kid who just crushed the bars and he was super cool and very generous with his knowledge....we played on the bars for 2.5 hours!! Okay so now jess and i are tired so we go back to my buddy Gavins crib to chill for a few hours...then back to Tompkins Square Park at 8:30 to meet and workout with Zef, Rick and Jude for another 2 plus hours!! Can you say dang my arms!!? haha IT WAS GREAT! Man these guys are super cool and really knowledgeable on the bars and dang can they do everything with flawless technique!!
Then today jess and i walked all over Soho, then met a business friend from Dale Carnegie name Stephen and this guy is awesome! Super helpful guy who goes out of his way to help us to grow the Monkey Bar Gym just cause he loves our business so much! How cool is that!
After that went to Wingate Park to meet Zef and Rick and some more training:) haha these guys are crazy with the amount they do but i love it, would love to stay for a month or two and just train with these guys every day cause they love it too! So while there we did some great stuff for pulls and pushes and it crushed me again:) but it was fun in an odd way:) Then B-Rock, Juice and about 2 other famous Bar guys walk up and start training too! This is the place for sure the big boys train at and it was cool for sure to be there!
It's very cool to learn lessons, no matter where, no matter from who...while here i've learned alot from zef, rick, jude and their young buck christopher....their form is tight! They're all very open and honest with their feedback, they are all very sincere people! Also learned alot from Stephen Holgate at lunch today, a very cool and very knowledgeable DC guy who i always call on for business guidance and he always delivers well!! My friend Rasul, this guy i hadnt seen since 2004 when he took my CNT course and then yesterday he walks on to the TSP floor to workout and it was great!!:) Big part of the reason why we hung out training for so long! He is a good man who honors his friends and his family, i saw alot of love for both in this man as well as the Bar-barians...ALL honest and loving people! How lucky i am to have such friends and to be able to share them with my sweetie jessie:) Very lucky indeed:)
MBG 1 restoration - not alot of this since arriving:) haha and yes i feel it, my body is very tired and i really need to do more Eischens Yoga than just a few poses....BUT i'm already getting ready to Fully Recover upon returning back home after...getting massages everyday by MBG bad ass massage therapist Chad Yonkus and going to get some Daily EY work too with one of our top trainer Ali who is a bad ass in the Eischens Yoga:) In both cases i am fully embracing the week off cause i need it:) haha
MBG 2 training - whew alot of reps here for both days so far:) basically tons of push ups, dips, planches, levers, pull ups, muscle up training and more....and doing them often one after the other:) wicked but fun:) 
MBG 3 eating like a Gorilla - man days, afternoons and nights we've been eating super strong foods and tons of juices while here. My good friend Marcus owns this place called the Juice Press and it's really awesome, we get super green fresh drinks all day long and then maybe some great plant meal for dinner.
  • Kale, spirilina, apple, coconut water, coconut young meat and lots more....amazing!!!
  • organic raw nuts, goji berries, etc
  • mixed greens, tomatoes, onions, white beans, bell peppers and lots more!!
  • macro greens bar
  • horny gorilla - this drink is pure water and maca and man it's delicious!!
  • seaweed salad, sesame seeds, mixed greens, onions, tomato, raw nut burger, flax chips
  • raw almonds
  • tons of water:)
Really enjoying my trip here to NYC and as always look forward to training more with my friends!
Peace my friends!


  1. Wow what a blessed experience thanks for sharing... Continued blessings..

  2. I did a intro class last saturday in Chicago and man I am really digging it I will do the 60 day challenge!

  3. thank you my friends:) it is a blessing to do what you love and share it with friends:)

  4. Wow that sounds super awesome haha! Hey Jon I was curious how those guys train. Do they have programming or periodisation or do they just Rep it out? Thanks!


  5. hey joseph, it is very hard training and they train every day! no doubt it takes time to adapt. they just put in the time and the results speak for themselves!

  6. Jon

    I hope you have filmed some of your training of this it looks like it is very cool and hard training.Jon I have been using your Power Jumper and Power wheel and I have put up some videos on my blog I am having lots of fun using them.you can see it here if you like.http://cintronstrrengthfiles.blogspot.com/


  7. yeah, shot 35 quick videos of all training!!:) it was awesome!! so you'll see them soon! i've seen yours too! keep up the good work my friend!


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