Crawls, climbs and more Power Wheel Crawls!

Super long day today, 8 hours of meetings, work on computer for 2 more...THEN got my workout in:) haha....yes tired:) so just wanted to post my numbers for today...keeping it real simple:)
Sargeant Slaughter: 5 x amap of alligator push ups (PW) and cliffcrawls
Now as much as i love both the gym was so full of students when i got there about 6 that i just went outside and trained at my local playground so had to modify
  1. Alligator push ups: 5 x 20
  2. Wide pull ups to close chin ups: 5 x 10 usually sets of 7 wide and 3 chins
  3. after this went home and did 100 more diamond push ups and wide pull ups for extra measure:)
  4. Then did 110 yards power wheel crawl...hard today:) but i did it:)
Had good simple meals too:)
  1. soaked oats, goji berries, dates, walnuts, sunwarrior protein and barley
  2. kukucha tea
  3. ezekial wrap, carrots, kale, cucumber, tofu, chili sauce
  4. kukucha tea 
  5. organic food bar - protein
  6. kukucha tea
  7. kale, spinach, corn, onions, mushrooms, beans,  brown rice
  8. popcorn, coconut oil, sea salt, flax oil
Whew sleep time:)


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