Bar-barian visit to MBG Chi and JGXT certs!

Bar-barians hanging with Me and Aussie's Foggy!!
What a last week!!
Jungle Gym XT course all day saturday
Jungle Gym XT master course sunday, Trained daily with my good friends the Bar-barians at MBG Chicago after each day!! haha Man it was great!! We all had a blast hanging out and training and challenging each other with all types of wicked workouts:) Those guys are incredible on the bars and equally humble and nice as people too!! Fortunate to also have visiting another good friend Paul Fogg from MBG Darwin he's a very cool person who came up for the course and is now gonna lead the way down under on the JGXT courses! Foggy, Jess and i have a become the heaviest (Foggy), the first female (Jessie) and me the oldest folks to achieve......

"The Bar-barian requirements": All to be finished in under 6 minutes.
  • 5 bar muscle ups to 
  • 45 dips to 
  • 25 pull ups (no kips) to 
  • 55 push ups to 
  • 5 bar muscle ups 
NOTE: Got to do each in straight sets with perfect form! Man that is no joke!! Thought i did it a few months ago but after meeting them in person the truth proved that wrong:) haha as i did walk up muscle to do no walking up:) or hardly any kip at...just make em all clean muscle ups...AND i broke the sets of muscle ups into 3 and 2 each time!!:) haha...also on the pullups i did 25 with slight kips not pure pull ups so that gave me a good kick in the ribs:) haha SO i know what i got cut out for me and mark my words I WILL PASS THE REQUIREMENTS BY YEARS END I PROMISE!!! And FOGGY and JESSIE are gonna do it too!! haha!!:)
Here's a sample of one of the Bar-barian workouts we did ON TOP OF our MBG workout!!!:) haha
5 wide pull ups with 10 count hold under the bar (head to touch under bar) on last rep
Zef, Me, Andy, Jude, Rick, Foggy did this in groups of 2 and alternated WE GO, U2 GO, U2 GO:)
They call it building started out easy, then just kept building tougher and tougher til we began have a tough go of it around set 16....zef made it to 20 sets!!
Another one i loved was 10 straight bar dips to 5 muscle ups to 10 pull ups to 10 count hold under the bar to 30 push ups....we each did this 1 at a time while all watched:) haha then reversed the order and man that was much harder but we all did it and smiled after as it was some really fun training!!
Got to say what a pleasure it was to hang with some cool friends who love training as much as i do:)
Hope some day you all can join US out there and have a big fun day in the park!! Nothing beats hanging with friends, training and challenging each other to higher heights, then hanging and having some good healthy food and talk:) It's the best!!!!:)
More to come soon my friends!


  1. Hi Jon Jessie and of course Foggy!!
    man it's cool to see how things are developing, I'm loving the 8 week program and feeling stronger. You guys must of had a great blast training this week, green with envy over here in Sweden. Great to see Foggy there, a great man to have on you team.
    Keep up the great work guys!

    Mark/ Sweden

  2. hey mark, foggy said hi back...saying "mark...he's a good ladd":) haha glad you're digging the 8 week program:) we're having alot of fun and every here is getting stronger each week too! keep up the good work my friend!!

  3. Had a great time! Can't wait to return, next time we'll finish the handstand training. Jess&Jon are the best host for a weekend of building .


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