Bar-barian Rick + Power Wheel on Wall video!! Big 1st day!!! Power of Plants!!

Slick Rick on the Power Wheel ON a wall doing press ups....can you say hard!!!!? hahaha
Man i was so excited about this next 8 week cycle that i could not wait til tomorrow and i did monday's workout today:) haha That and i'll be traveling all day tomorrow to LA for the rest of the week:) So i got to say the 1st day of the cycle is AWESOME!!! I love it!!
This last week of rest and recovery must of helped me out as i felt very good and am happy with my first day of this cycle:
MBG 1 restoration - Eischens Yoga, wrist mobility, chest expander shoulder routine...rested alot:)
MBG 2 training - J Rock 2 (descending sets with a goal of 20 plus reps )
Started the workout with 5 sets of planche press, roll to L seat to box MU's
Alternated that with bar MU to around the world to lever hold...first time i got a clean muscle up!!
EXERCISE:                                                               SET 1             SET 2          SET 3     TOTAL
1) Wall Press ups + 0, bxt 70, bxt 140:                       4, 6, 10 (20) / 3, 5, 8 (16) / 3, 5, 7 (15) = 51
2) Bar MU, walk up MU, wide CU, PUR160 CU   *4, 3, 2,9 (18) / 3,4,2,9 (18) / 2,3,2,10 (17) = 53
GOT A PR ON BAR MUSCLE UPS TODAY:) straight and proper form too!!:)
Extra work - 100 wide pull ups to chest PUR 240 (8") and 100 dips (half kick out, half planche)
3) Power Wheel crawl - 1 x 60 yards (not bad after all this stuff:)
MBG 3 eating like a gorilla - 
  1. maca cafe
  2. black beans, corn, tomato, veggie patty
  3. kale, lemon, honey
  4. sesame seeds, cashews, peanut butter, honey 
  5. juiced sweet potato, orange = amazing drink
  6. kale, cous cous, cranberries, pine nuts, pecans, beans, sunflower seeds
  7. soaked oats, almond milk, cranberries, almonds, life's basics
Hey Hey Hey my friends, IT"S TIME!!!!!
Let''s make this an amazing 8 weeks my friends!!!:)


  1. Sweet and Amazing!!! Silver back in the house....
    Look forawrd to the exercises.... (Is it up yet?)

  2. will be up at midnight:)
    tell me how it goes okay!

  3. Jon,
    What do you do for wrist mobility? I have been practicing alot of gymnastics and all the work really puts a strain on my wrists.
    I did todays workout, but made some changed because I didn't have a BXT, or PUR.
    I did 3x20 of Wall Pressups, HSPU, and Dive Bomber Pushups, then did MU, One leg assisted, and two leg assisted. I ended with 100 yards crawling because I was short on time so I have to make it up.


  4. Jon,
    Another question is how would you work on pullups to like lower chest area to perform smooth muscle ups without any kip?

  5. hey matt!
    i do the following for my wrists...on all 4s
    on fists > go to wrists > back to fist x 10-15
    on hands pointed forward > up onto fingertips x 15
    hands out > up onto fingertips x 15
    hands towards knees > up onto fingertips x 15
    works great for mobility and strength of wrists!
    tell me how you like it!


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