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Bar-barian visit to MBG Chi and JGXT certs!

What a last week!!
Jungle Gym XT course all day saturday
Jungle Gym XT master course sunday, Trained daily with my good friends the Bar-barians at MBG Chicago after each day!! haha Man it was great!! We all had a blast hanging out and training and challenging each other with all types of wicked workouts:) Those guys are incredible on the bars and equally humble and nice as people too!! Fortunate to also have visiting another good friend Paul Fogg from MBG Darwin he's a very cool person who came up for the course and is now gonna lead the way down under on the JGXT courses! Foggy, Jess and i have a become the heaviest (Foggy), the first female (Jessie) and me the oldest folks to achieve......

"The Bar-barian requirements": All to be finished in under 6 minutes.
5 bar muscle ups to 45 dips to 25 pull ups (no kips) to 55 push ups to 5 bar muscle ups NOTE: Got to do each in straight sets with perfect form! Man that is no joke!! Thought i did it a few months ago but…

Un-Break-able!!! JGXT certs this weekend, Vegan Pizza!!:)

Jessies Home made vegan pizza is just off the charts!!:) After working all day, training and then driving thru crazy traffic i made it here to chicago to teach a Basic JGXT course tomorrow and a Masters JGXT course on sunday! So what did my sweetie do for me? Made my favorite pizza!! It's the best!
JESSIES AWESOME VEGAN PIZZA: Corn meal crust from whole foods, homemade tomato sauce, basil, uptons sausage, daiya cheese, bell peppers, onions, mushrooms and's amazing! She should sell it:) haha
MBG 1 restoration - been doing the basic Eischens Yoga sequence at home mixing in back domes.
MBG 2 training - "Unbreakable" 4 rounds of 5 exercises of 25 reps each
Push ups with feet on 12" box - 25,25,25,25 = 100Body rows w/feet on 12" box - 25,25,25,25 = 10030" box step ups L/R total - 25,25,25,25 = 100 (did 13 left, 12 right, then alternated each round) Did these instead of 30" plyo jumps due to left knee aggravated a bit.JGXT plyo curls          …

Crawls, climbs and more Power Wheel Crawls!

Super long day today, 8 hours of meetings, work on computer for 2 more...THEN got my workout in:) haha....yes tired:) so just wanted to post my numbers for today...keeping it real simple:)
Sargeant Slaughter: 5 x amap of alligator push ups (PW) and cliffcrawls
Now as much as i love both the gym was so full of students when i got there about 6 that i just went outside and trained at my local playground so had to modify
Alligator push ups: 5 x 20Wide pull ups to close chin ups: 5 x 10 usually sets of 7 wide and 3 chinsafter this went home and did 100 more diamond push ups and wide pull ups for extra measure:)Then did 110 yards power wheel crawl...hard today:) but i did it:)Had good simple meals too:)
soaked oats, goji berries, dates, walnuts, sunwarrior protein and barleykukucha tea ezekial wrap, carrots, kale, cucumber, tofu, chili saucekukucha tea  organic food bar - protein kukucha tea kale, spinach, corn, onions, mushrooms, beans,  brown ricepopcorn, coconut oil, sea salt, flax oilWhew…

Sweaty One works:) haha plus some more playground fun!

Gonna get to the point on todays blog as i'm busy as heck and ready for bed:) Loved todays workout "Sweaty One" especially since i havent done a kettlebell snatch in almost a year:) i was interested in seeing how i'd do....AND cause since having lung burn awhile ago i've been a bit hesitant on doing anything hardcore and the ssst 10 minute for part 1 of todays workout is no doubt a lung tester!!:) SO it was 10 minute SSST (secret service snatch test) with a 24k and i did not feel too bad...took it sort of easy and got 193 reps (my PR is 241 which i did when in top condition right before getting lung burn:) Second part was 10 minutes of jump rope which i used one of our Lifeline weighted speed ropes (yellow 1 pound) and this too i did at a good but not too intense pace and hit 1,350 reps. For this workout i goal set folks to get over 300 total. This comes from KB test reps (193) plus JR reps minus the last digit (135)...SO my total is 328 reps! Feel pretty good ab…

LA business, maintanance workouts and vegan restaurants in LA!

Well started the week AND the new 8 week cycle off very strong and man did it hit a wall when we traveled to LA. One day of travel, meetings and more travel = fatique.
Same on next day = fatique....both of these started the whole week in LA sort of rough and taught me some good lessons....although i was traveling to a place i generally have a good time in (LA), i still need to get adequate rest and recovery. Dont schedule meetings on the same travel days:) Make sure to be more patient with my time and not rush to get places and get meetings and travel done. In doing so i really zonked myself and then did not sleep well either....SO...i tried to train and continue to follow the workouts all week long but honestly did NOT have it any day while in instead i listened to my body and mind, rested more and did easy workouts each day and although i still felt tired all week i still got a bit better with rest each day and look forward to this 2nd week of training.
SO generally while in…

Bar-barian Rick + Power Wheel on Wall video!! Big 1st day!!! Power of Plants!!

Slick Rick on the Power Wheel ON a wall doing press ups....can you say hard!!!!? hahaha
Man i was so excited about this next 8 week cycle that i could not wait til tomorrow and i did monday's workout today:) haha That and i'll be traveling all day tomorrow to LA for the rest of the week:) So i got to say the 1st day of the cycle is AWESOME!!! I love it!!
This last week of rest and recovery must of helped me out as i felt very good and am happy with my first day of this cycle:
MBG 1 restoration - Eischens Yoga, wrist mobility, chest expander shoulder routine...rested alot:)
MBG 2 training - J Rock 2 (descending sets with a goal of 20 plus reps )
Started the workout with 5 sets of planche press, roll to L seat to box MU's
Alternated that with bar MU to around the world to lever hold...first time i got a clean muscle up!!
EXERCISE:                                                               SET 1             SET 2          SET 3     TOTAL
1) Wall Press ups + 0, bxt 70, bxt 14…

Leaner & Stronger Training Tips and Another Bar-barian & Power Wheel video!!

Bar-barian's Andy doing Power Wheel Alligator push ups!! These guys are all very high level and Andy is one of the best in the world at push ups, dips and pull ups and watch how challenging the power wheel is for even him! This exercise is in our upcoming 8 week cycle too so use Andy as inspiration and try to hang with one of the best in the world!!!
This week as you know is rest and recovery week and so far been doing good, i'm actually not doing any push ups or chin ups!!:)
Q & A: I've been asked many times what is the best way to get stronger & leaner while being plant based AND doing bodyweight training. 
For getting Stronger:
CHALLENGE & ADAPT: To me it is always simply a case of constant challenge and adaptation to various skills and movements...find various movements that challenge you at your level; push ups, pull ups, squats, hip extensions, etc.
CHALLENGE THE INTENSITIES: find a level of each that challenges you and then train them as often as you can wh…

What an amazing week! Trained 4 hours a day! Added some great friends too!!:)

Man jess and i just got back from NYC and have to say that was one of my funnest times of my life! Got to do what i love...train bodyweight all day long with my friends, learned a ton of great stuff, gained a bunch of new friends/family! and ate like a champ!! tons of great places to eat! and then hung out in my favorite hood in nyc the Lower East Side at my good buddy Gavin's place and then got to ride my bike all over too!! Paradise!!!:) hahaha
You know what was so crazy was these guys (the Bar-barians) are all super cool dudes, humble, honest, super hard working...crazy hard actually:) and they have crazy passion for what they do too!! It was just amazing, we hit it off great and for sure will be hanging and training alot more in the near future!
jess and i wake up about 6am...yes that is a habit:) haha no matter what time we go to sleep:) haha
then we'd have some pure water, then maybe walk over to my good buddy marcus's "The Juice Press" p…

Hanging with the Bar-barians at Wingate Park today!! Then Super Strong PB Eats!!!

Man what a cool time i'm having here in NYC training with the Bar-barians 2 days in a row right now! Since arriving on Tuesday night we've been training crazy hard, yesterday went up to a park here in the LES and ran into a young Bar-barian named Christian an 18 year old kid who just crushed the bars and he was super cool and very generous with his knowledge....we played on the bars for 2.5 hours!! Okay so now jess and i are tired so we go back to my buddy Gavins crib to chill for a few hours...then back to Tompkins Square Park at 8:30 to meet and workout with Zef, Rick and Jude for another 2 plus hours!! Can you say dang my arms!!? haha IT WAS GREAT! Man these guys are super cool and really knowledgeable on the bars and dang can they do everything with flawless technique!!
Then today jess and i walked all over Soho, then met a business friend from Dale Carnegie name Stephen and this guy is awesome! Super helpful guy who goes out of his way to help us to grow the Monkey Bar Gy…