Last week of cycle:) GO HARD and EAT Strong!

My outdoor training playground....a middle school:)
Hey my friends, man i'm looking forward to finishing strong this week and then taking a well deserved week off. For the week off plan as much massage, rest and yoga as possible! In classes were going to do lots of indian clubs, chest expander, wrist mobility, traveling rings, Eischens Yoga partner feedback on all poses including lots of handstands, backdomes and warrior poses....including lots of rest pose!!!
So:) here is last weeks results since my last post:
MBG 1 - restoration: been doing Eischens Yoga beginner sequence daily, hadnt been doing it more than a pose a day for last few weeks and doing the whole sequence daily has made a big positive difference.
MBG 2 - training this week was challenging but i made it:)
Wed - did 100s of pull ups and 100s of planche dips and that's it and it really felt good....did this cause did not sleep well and body felt exhausted so i toned it down and it worked great!
Thursday - did same legs as tuesday...100s of PJ180 hindus and hip extensions 10x10 = sweat!!:)
Friday - did 20/15/10/5 afap workout 
  1. HSPU off 6" boxes (with slight kick) did better here for sure, less overall sets
  2. Bar MU's with jump much better here too!
  3. Bodyweight cleans with PJ 160 from 12" box to 24" box
1st record with same exercises 7.28.11 was 28:21, then Previous record was 26:45, Friday 23:58*!!PR
MBG 3 Eating like a Gorilla!!
  • Spice tea
  • oatmeal, blueberries, banana, walnuts, sun warrior protein
  • kombucha
  • kale, cous cous, pine nuts, walnuts, beans, corn, peas
  • organic food bar
  • ezekial sprouted tortilla, hummus, avocado, vegan patty, tons of kale lightly steamed
  • peanut butter cookie (vegan:)
STILL improving despite very heavy workload and travel to start the that's cool!
listened to my body and chilled a bit...also cool!
Finishing the cycle this!
Going to NYC this week to train on the bars with some of my friends!!:) ...... priceless!!!:)
Peace everybody,


  1. Hey Jon,
    I know that EY is great by itself, but in terms of doing it with the workout, do you feel it's best to do the beginner's sequence before the workout or after? Could you do either, or both before AND after? Thanks!

  2. good question james, depends on the workout...if it's a very intense workout that you get hyped for then do the workout and THEN do the EY:) that is how i do it:) hope this help james and hope you're digging the training and EY!!:)


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