J Rock numbers way up! Plant based super wrap! and Power Jumper Strength Video!

Heres a video of how to use the Power Jumper for leg strength! Deep Squats & Hip Extensions for 100s of each is what i've been doing on T, R, Sat and my legs are feeling alot healthier:)
MBG 1 restoration - Eischens Yoga sequence, also focused on supine bridge and front warrior. Focused on many sets of it and the 4 points of pressure on hands and feet on each pose....simple works:)
MBG 2 training - Tuesday & Thursday did above Power Jumper routine, Wed J Rock CRUSHED IT!!
TUES & THURS: Power Jumper 180 x 25 reps of deep squats and full hip extensions for 4 sets each. Then did some planche, levers and hanging leg raises.
WEDNESDAY: J ROCK 3 x AMAP of each exercise (set 1 / set 2 / set 3)

              1L Jump MU  >   ATW  >  TypeW  > HeadB's  >  L seat >  2L Jump MU  =  TOTALS
7.27.11    4/4/3 (3 tries)     3/2/2         5/4/3        5/4/5          3/2/2      5/6/7 (3 tries)  =  25/22/22 = 69
8.17.11     4/4/4 (2 tries)      6/4/4         6/5/5       7/6/6          5/4/3      6/6/6 (in a row) = 34/29/28 = *91

             FHSPU  >  HSPU > Press Up  >  Wall Punch  > TypeW pu >  Box MU = TOTALS
7.27.11  8/5/5          4/3/2       4/3/3             7/7/5                5/5/4              6/4/4      = 34/27/23 = 84
8.17.11  9/6/5          5/4/4       6/5/5             10/9/7             8/9/8              8/7/7       = 46/40/36 = *122

THIS and i did not train much over the last two weeks from the Course and recovery after course. So i'm very very happy with my results....8 week cycle is great!! LETS KEEP IT GOING MY FRIENDS:)

MBG 3 plant based:
  1. Green drink
  2. maca cafe
  3. oatmeal, blueberries, banana, walnuts, lifes basics
  4. kale, pine nuts, cranberries, walnuts, beans, cous cous
  5. spice tea 
  6. kombucha
  7. ezekial wrap, hummus, kale, kale and kale:), vegan sausage, tomato
  8. almond yogurt, cashews
Each day feeling stronger now that i'm back and getting into my routine again:)
QUESTION FOR YOU: What questions do you have on your 8 week cycle? Are you improving each week? Are you modifying some for particular goals? Do you have a question on either?:)
Happy to help if i can my friends:)
now get a good sleep okay:)


  1. Jon
    I just did this outside 4 super sets followed by jump rope double unders no rest what a killer workout but so much fun.


  2. I see green drink on your food list what is that? Also can you give a title of a good book on being a vegetarian.

  3. i use a couple green drinks:
    macro greens, sunwarrior supergreens ((ormus) and amazing grass green superfood (raw)
    good books are: china study (for facts), engine 2 diet (for transitioning to plant based), meat is for pussies (for simple great meals and message:), thrive diet (for plant based athletes and understanding the stresses on the body as well) all are great!

  4. So glad you showed the video on the PPJ squats and full extensions! I am going to start using these with my 2/1/0 vertical jumps. Also, I tried the power pushup on my shins during supine bridge. Wow! What a difference that makes! Felt awesome!

  5. Jon

    I just put a small clip on my youube page using these exercises plus the jump rope this morning.
    The link is cintronstrengthfiles.



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