Getting back into it! Another PR and some fun dips:) EY and PB no doubt!!

Near the end of todays workout, mosquito and i were just mixing up the bar dips...these r challenging!
Going into todays workout i've been getting my strength and energy back each day and i'm happy about that! Intensive JET LAG:) is getting over with:) haha Still felt tired at the start of todays workout and that is when we do the heavy push ups and chin ups and it showed....rough is a good word to explain that, but it woke me up and then i was ready for the Boomerang 1 today and again i hit another PR on it which makes me feel good:)
QUESTION for all: Have you seen food matters? i highly recommend watching it as it's solid and should be seen by everyone. IF you have seen it tell me what you think of it. I'm hoping more movies like this and Forks Over Knives keep coming out and getting the word out to make a change for all people and the planet. It's funny what we're doing is making the world sick the exact same as it is making people sick....and most people still just keep doing the same thing and hoping some pill can fix things...not gonna happen and this movie does a great job of clearly showing how it happens and what people can do about it....2 thumbs up!!
MBG 1 - restoration: Did a full Eischens Yoga sequence after training which felt good and relaxing:) i needed that part and then did some breath work later this afternoon which felt even better:)
MBG 2 - training: Did Boomerang 1 followed by 100 pulls and 100 pushes at the playground which i really love as i feel the extra credit work is great!
  1. HSPU - 15 did with feet on 42" box so i could focus more on good clean reps and it felt great...hard too:) but really great!
  2. Jump Bar MU - 11 which i did straight so that is very good....actually my best at this bar height.
  3. Dips (put 20lb vest on here for remainder) - 35 Tie past PR
  4. Kips - 29 New PR
  5. Push ups - 40 New PR 
  6. JGXT MU's - 17 Ties PR
  7. Tiger push ups - 18 Ties PR
  8. JGXT Body rows - 31 New PR
TOTAL = 196 New PR by 14 reps!!
Then rode to the playground and did the following for 10 sets of each:
  1. Wide grip pull ups x 5
  2. Jump Bar MU's x 5 (this is actually great improvement as i could not even do this 3 weeks ago:)
  3. Planche dips x 10 (did some dips with turns for half of all reps which were very fun) VIDEO
Felt really really great after finishing:)

MBG 3 - plant based eating:
liter of green drink
cooked oats, blueberries, walnuts, banana, honey, source of life
kale, almonds, corn, peas, cous cous, cranberries, beans
spice tea
coconut water
black bean soup, vegan sausage, broccoli, almonds

Good day my friends, feeling stronger still and digging the training, eating and EY for sure:)
sleep well my friends:)


  1. Jon,
    Never saw the movie but will definitely netflix it if its on there.
    Did a bunch of practice of planche, one arm chins and pushups and some pistols.
    HSPU-22 (this was down 7 do not know why)
    MU- 6
    Dips w/25 lb - 31
    Pullups w/ 25lb - 11
    Pushups w/ 2 bands power pushup - 30
    JGXT MU- 18
    Tiger PU- 16
    Rows feet up - 14
    Total = 148

    Felt great after. Going to work on one arm pushups, chinups, and pistols a little everyday greasing the groove. Then going to work on jumping twice a week and some planche, front levers, lsits, and possibly one arm handstands before the workouts and slowly progress at them.
    Is the next 8 week cycle already planned out?


  2. great job matt!! working on the next 8 week cycle now. any workout we've done in the past you love tell me okay:)
    now get that movie:) keep up the great work too, how much have you improved since the start of the 8 weeks too?


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