End of week 5 results, Intensive Course, Strong Meals, playground video!!

Here's some really simple outside playground exercises that i hope you like:)
First off this has been a crazy busy week so i havent been able to post yet this week.
Mostly cause we started the MBG Intensive thursday and we always have alot
of work to do to get ready:)
So far this has the makings of a great course! We have a full house and folks came from
all over the world!!! All over america, canada, south america, korea, japan, australia,
and south africa!!!!!! THAT IS AWESOME!!!!:) Day 1 and 2 went great and all the students
are doing a great job, picking everything up really well, asking alot of great questions and for sure
having alot of fun learning:) haha
SOOOO my MBG 3 for this week:)
Because i had to fly to mpls on monday do a 8 hour seminar and then fly back i did mondays workout on sun and that was a bit rough:) haha guess that extra day of rest helps on the big exercises:)
Overall this week been doing more Eischens Yoga for sure and that always feels good on the body and mind as over the last week i've been doing alot more rest pose at the end of the day as a way to relax my mind as it's been crazy busy...in a good way no doubt!!
MBG 1 - Eischens Yoga beginner sequence daily, also doing rest pose breath work 7 minutes a night
MBG 2 - for being very busy and traveling alot i feel i've done pretty well this week so i'm happy:)
Sunday (BOOMERANG!) 45/45 (after doing heavy sets at 75% max)
  • Push ups - 2x5+60k
  • Chin ups - 2x3+24k to chest
HSPU     Bar MU's (jump)   Dips         Kips     Push Ups     XT MU's      Tiger Push ups     Body rows
12 (-2)         7 (1 leg 3)         *35(+3)      27t       *38(+4)         17t                *17(+1)              *29(+1)
New PR TOTAL = **182 (+8), 4 new PR's, 2 tied, 1 drop in reps (HSPU's) i think after last fridays workout and doing lots of extra work i really crushed it and that might of hurt my heavy strength work. No worries:) still had a great overall:)

Tuesday - kept is simple:)
ran 2 miles easy in my vibrams, focusing on form
4 x 30 Power Jumper 120 hindu squats
4 x 30 Power Jumper 120 deadlifts
man this is a simple dope combo and i really like how simple and strong this is so i've been doing this alot lately as you'll see:)
after doing this workout i did 4 x 25 power wheel rollouts to chest as well to finish:)

Wednesday - J ROCK: 3 x amap of all 5 exercises....been improving alot on this lately...great!!!:)
1L Jump MUs   ATWs   Typewriters   Headbangers    L seats 2 chest    2L jump MU's
      4,4,4            5,3,3          6,5,5          6,6,5                   3,2,2                 4,5,5          28, 25, 24 = *77 PR
FHSPUs      HSPUs      Press Ups   Wall Punch pu    Typewriter pu    30" box MU
9,6,5            4,3,3           4,4,4               8,8,6                7,7,7                    6,5,5         38, 33, 30 = *101 PR
After all this finished up with 3 x 12 slow XT MU's and 3 x 22 planche dips....love how i'm feeling!!!

Thursday - pretty much same as tuesday except did the workout in a local chicago park during our lunch break so after some sprints with Nuka across the park field i up't the load on the leg workout and did 3 x *25s of PJ 160! Then finished with more PW rollout holds 4 x 30 seconds as far out as i can with knees off floor...great!!

Friday - after teaching all day i wanted to get out of the gym so i went home and yes just did something simple. i listened to my body, i was tired, so instead of doing todays 20/15/10/5 i just did easier strict exercises:
Chin ups to sternum - 10 x 5 reps
Press ups to chest - 10 x 5 reps
Then pushed up the reps and again focused on strict form and this felt amazing:
Jungle Gym XT 90 deg chins to sternum - 5 x 20 reps
Push ups with feet on 18" box - 5 x 20 reps
This is stuff i LOVE as it really made me feel strong and it wasnt too much after a hard day.
Finisher: did 10 x 10 reps of 24k levers and that was it:)
OVERALL for the week of training i'm very happy!!!:)
MBG 3 - what i challenge this could of been with all the traveling but it was actually on point all week.
Daily average meals were all strong and simple and gave me great energy all day long!
  • Green drink
  • banana, raspberries, almonds, rice milk, lifes basics plant protein (rice, hemp, pea and chia)
  • dates, almonds
  • baby spinach, frozen mangos, rice milk, life's basics
  • apples
  • kale, cous cous, walnuts, cranberries, beans
  • hummus and green beans
  • lots of kombucha and spice too too:)
Hope you all are doing great! Being back here in chicago is good to see all the MBGers here and it makes you feel good when the folks teaching really get it:) They're doing a great job and makes me just smile when i watch them teach as i have nothing to say:) haha they're great!!:)
peace my friends!!


  1. Great post- I like the weekly updates on training.

    loving the simplicity of the workouts, awesome stuff.

    Excellent to see more interest from all over the world for the MBG at the CNT. Exciting times.


  2. hey foggy:) hope you're doing good mate' yeah it's pretty cool how global this one is:)
    yes:) exciting times!!!:)
    see you soon my friend and talk soon on the next 8 week cycle:)


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