Chillin like a Gorilla, Eating like a Gorilla, listening like a......:) haha

Beautiful Mountains of Bhutan while hiking:) Incredible!!! 

Since returning back to madison on wednesday morning after teaching the 6 day MBG Intensive i feel as if i have crazy jet lag:) Usually after teaching for 9 hours about each day it usually does knock me for a bit of a loop so i have dropped my training down as much as i feel fit this week and just done very simple outdoor workouts, walked Nuka a bunch in the woods (that is why the picture above as it reminded me alot of the simple beauty of nature that i experienced today as well).
So "Chillin' like a Gorilla" was very important for me this week....and i achieved it:) haha
"Eating like a Gorilla"as well, super important for me this week....and i achieved that too:)
Listening like a ..... mmmm.....owl? haha well whatever animal .... i listened to my body and mind and did not do more than what i felt comfortable with....recovery is most important, so i listened to my gut and followed it's lead and you know what each day my energy is coming back stronger.
It's funny while teaching my energy is excellent, after i'm all done it begins to hit me like a hammer and that is when i began to listen to my gut.....Chill!!!!!:) haha.....okay:) haha
My friend John Allen Mollenhauer once told me fatique will always tell us when we need a rest IF we just listen....THIS is the challenge as we too often mask our fatique with coffee or exercise or other and prolong our full recovery. SO listen and learn and recover and then re-gain your strength again!
MBG 1 restoration - Eischens Yoga supine bridge alot today and then rest pose....pretty much daily:)
MBG 2 training - simple is the focus of my workouts this week....focus on form, clean strong reps and never pushing too much this week.
Wed and probably Friday too will be simple
  • 18" feet up push ups & jump muscle ups for about 100 reps each
  • Threw in 100 total of body rows and dips as well...felt good!! Walked away feeling good and strong!
  • Today (thursday and most likely saturday) simple again
  • 18" Power jumper 180 step ups for 10, then PJ 90 step ups for 10....for 100 total each leg
This is an amazing exercise!! Put your foot up on the bench, loop both stirrups over that foot and then put both PJ cables over neck, then do 10 step ups with both bands on left foot, then 10 more with 1 band on left foot, repeat on right!! Whew, simple but can you say...DANG!!:) haha
MBG 3 PB eating
  1. Green drink
  2. banana, baby spinach, rice milk, lifes basics
  3. kombucha
  4. ezekial wrap, hummus, vegan sausage, tons of kale:)
  5. kombucha
  6. kale, cranberries, pumpkin seeds, black beans, sweet potato
  7. 2 coconut waters
  8. almond yogurt, almonds, source of life
Good strong meals my friends, keep it simple and strong, train progressively harder each week (unless you're chillin like a gorilla:) and re-align with Eischens Yoga daily!
Simple and Strong my friends:)


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