Back in Madison, Strong week of training results! Powerful Plant message for today too!

A re-cap of my last few days and what i saw and what can be....honor is earned not given!
My friends, my ancestors lived a life with a simple goal of living with honor...of doing the right things for people and planet, making positive decisions that enhance people and planet today and for future generations. The other day i saw a sight that was disappointing but also inspired me to continue to do my best to live with honor and to help others to do their best to live with honor. (if you want a great book on honor read "Neither Wolf, nor Dog" by Kent Nerburn) My wish is not to knock anyone only to inspire to our greatest self we can be. I believe in the path that mbg is on and sometimes when i see things like i did i just think why and this one has hit me before so had to talk about it:) hope you dig it.
My last week of MBG 3 has gone very well despite much travels and some challenges:) haha "Cant climb a smooth mountain" one of my clients once said to me!
MBG 1 restoration - been a little behind on this and only got in 1 pose a day, which still felt great! Dont knock yourself if you cannot do the whole Eischens Yoga sequence, 1 pose is cool no doubt some days too:)
MBG 2 training -
FRIDAY AUGUST 19th: 20/15/10/5 afap Previous Record 28:21
  1. 2 foot Jump bar MU's:          13, 7 (20)    10,5 (15)    10 (10)    5 (5)
  2. BW clean + PJ 160 to 24":   13, 7 (20)    10,5 (15)    10 (10)    5 (5)
  3. BW push pr off 6" boxes:   8,5,4,3(20)    6,3,2,2,2 (15)  4,3,3 (10)  3,2(5)
  • 20 - 9:50*    15 - 18:45*    10 - 24:35*    5 - 26:45 New PR!!
Saturday, Tuesday did Power Jumper 180 hindu jumps and full ext DL's 10 x 10 = great!!:)klm,
MONDAY AUGUST 22nd: Boomerang 45/45 Previous Record Reps Total with 20lb vest 182
  1. HSPU's x 14 ties PR (10 in a row also ties PR for this cycle, all time is 12...set 10 years ago:)
  2. Bar 1 leg MU's x 6 (tough one but this is getting better i still feel:)
    1. Put 20lb vest on here for remainder of all exercises
  3. Dips x *43 New PR
  4. Kips x 28 (record is 29) with vest
  5. Push ups x *41 New PR
  6. JGXT MU's x *18 New PR
  7. Tiger push ups x 18 ties PR
  8. JGXT body rows x *33 New PR
New Personal Record of 201 reps!! when 1st doing this with 20lb vest i got 150 reps!!

WEDNESDAY AUGUST 24th: J Rock 3 x amap of each of the 6 exercises....had to switch that though today as 2 nights of 3 hours sleep each night and lots of travel left me tired and so decided to modify it and have some fun!!
Did only skill training today for about 5 rounds alternating some parallel bar work with chin up bar work...working to make some nice combinations on each and have fun and we did!! very cool!!:)
AFTER did my extra work:
100 reps of pulling and 100 reps of pushing as follows;
5 wide pullups > 15 assisted chin ups = 20 reps for 5 sets
5 half HS press ups on bars > 15 planche dips = 20 reps for 5 sets
left the park feeling amazing!! Making me very happy:) haha
MBG 3 Eating like a Gorilla!! No doubt this is true this week, strong meals all!! Kale, spinach, mangos, blueberries, walnuts, almonds, black beans, pinto beans, pumpkin seeds, cous cous!! All strong individually and together!! Each meal do you ask yourself did this make me feel better or not? DId this meal make me feel strong or weak? Simple questions powerful answers!!
My friends, i really hope you dig what i am saying and the path you, me, we are on! If you do and you are living with HONOR then i ask you are you sharing it with others? are you working to walk the walk, to be a shining light for others to see and be inspired by? IF NOT? then why not? What can you do to live with honor and make you (person), people and planet a better place for now and future?
You can my friends, think who you are at your greatest and be!! Think of yourself being a shining star that inspires yourself, family, friends and all others to do better as well:)
We may know this, we may not, in either case it's good and honest and IS about living with HONOR!
Peace my friends!


  1. Great video/post. So true. Each day we can all do our part to make the world a better place.

  2. thanks ryan, how've you been doing anyways? see you posting good stuff!! keep up the good work my friend!!


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