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Last week of cycle:) GO HARD and EAT Strong!

Hey my friends, man i'm looking forward to finishing strong this week and then taking a well deserved week off. For the week off plan as much massage, rest and yoga as possible! In classes were going to do lots of indian clubs, chest expander, wrist mobility, traveling rings, Eischens Yoga partner feedback on all poses including lots of handstands, backdomes and warrior poses....including lots of rest pose!!!
So:) here is last weeks results since my last post:
MBG 1 - restoration: been doing Eischens Yoga beginner sequence daily, hadnt been doing it more than a pose a day for last few weeks and doing the whole sequence daily has made a big positive difference.
MBG 2 - training this week was challenging but i made it:)
Wed - did 100s of pull ups and 100s of planche dips and that's it and it really felt good....did this cause did not sleep well and body felt exhausted so i toned it down and it worked great!
Thursday - did same legs as tuesday...100s of PJ180 hindus and hip extensio…

Back in Madison, Strong week of training results! Powerful Plant message for today too!

A re-cap of my last few days and what i saw and what can be....honor is earned not given!
My friends, my ancestors lived a life with a simple goal of living with honor...of doing the right things for people and planet, making positive decisions that enhance people and planet today and for future generations. The other day i saw a sight that was disappointing but also inspired me to continue to do my best to live with honor and to help others to do their best to live with honor. (if you want a great book on honor read "Neither Wolf, nor Dog" by Kent Nerburn) My wish is not to knock anyone only to inspire to our greatest self we can be. I believe in the path that mbg is on and sometimes when i see things like i did i just think why and this one has hit me before so had to talk about it:) hope you dig it.
My last week of MBG 3 has gone very well despite much travels and some challenges:) haha "Cant climb a smooth mountain" one of my clients once said to me!
MBG 1 restor…

J Rock numbers way up! Plant based super wrap! and Power Jumper Strength Video!

Heres a video of how to use the Power Jumper for leg strength! Deep Squats & Hip Extensions for 100s of each is what i've been doing on T, R, Sat and my legs are feeling alot healthier:)
MBG 1 restoration - Eischens Yoga sequence, also focused on supine bridge and front warrior. Focused on many sets of it and the 4 points of pressure on hands and feet on each pose....simple works:)
MBG 2 training - Tuesday & Thursday did above Power Jumper routine, Wed J Rock CRUSHED IT!!
TUES & THURS: Power Jumper 180 x 25 reps of deep squats and full hip extensions for 4 sets each. Then did some planche, levers and hanging leg raises.
WEDNESDAY: J ROCK 3 x AMAP of each exercise (set 1 / set 2 / set 3)

  1L Jump MU  >   ATW  >  TypeW  > HeadB's  >  L seat >  2L Jump MU  =  TOTALS
7.27.11    4/4/3 (3 tries)     3/2/2         5/4/3        5/4/5          3/2/2      5/6/7 (3 tries)  =  25/22/22 = 69
8.17.11     4/4/4 (2 tries)      6/4/4         6/5/5       7/6/6     …

Getting back into it! Another PR and some fun dips:) EY and PB no doubt!!

Near the end of todays workout, mosquito and i were just mixing up the bar dips...these r challenging!
Going into todays workout i've been getting my strength and energy back each day and i'm happy about that! Intensive JET LAG:) is getting over with:) haha Still felt tired at the start of todays workout and that is when we do the heavy push ups and chin ups and it showed....rough is a good word to explain that, but it woke me up and then i was ready for the Boomerang 1 today and again i hit another PR on it which makes me feel good:)
QUESTION for all: Have you seen food matters? i highly recommend watching it as it's solid and should be seen by everyone. IF you have seen it tell me what you think of it. I'm hoping more movies like this and Forks Over Knives keep coming out and getting the word out to make a change for all people and the planet. It's funny what we're doing is making the world sick the exact same as it is making people sick....and most people sti…

Chillin like a Gorilla, Eating like a Gorilla, listening like a......:) haha

Since returning back to madison on wednesday morning after teaching the 6 day MBG Intensive i feel as if i have crazy jet lag:) Usually after teaching for 9 hours about each day it usually does knock me for a bit of a loop so i have dropped my training down as much as i feel fit this week and just done very simple outdoor workouts, walked Nuka a bunch in the woods (that is why the picture above as it reminded me alot of the simple beauty of nature that i experienced today as well).
So "Chillin' like a Gorilla" was very important for me this week....and i achieved it:) haha
"Eating like a Gorilla"as well, super important for me this week....and i achieved that too:)
Listening like a ..... mmmm.....owl? haha well whatever animal .... i listened to my body and mind and did not do more than what i felt comfortable with....recovery is most important, so i listened to my gut and followed it's lead and you know what each day my energy is coming back stronger.

End of week 5 results, Intensive Course, Strong Meals, playground video!!

Here's some really simple outside playground exercises that i hope you like:)
First off this has been a crazy busy week so i havent been able to post yet this week.
Mostly cause we started the MBG Intensive thursday and we always have alot
of work to do to get ready:)
So far this has the makings of a great course! We have a full house and folks came from
all over the world!!! All over america, canada, south america, korea, japan, australia,
and south africa!!!!!! THAT IS AWESOME!!!!:) Day 1 and 2 went great and all the students
are doing a great job, picking everything up really well, asking alot of great questions and for sure
having alot of fun learning:) haha
SOOOO my MBG 3 for this week:)
Because i had to fly to mpls on monday do a 8 hour seminar and then fly back i did mondays workout on sun and that was a bit rough:) haha guess that extra day of rest helps on the big exercises:)
Overall this week been doing more Eischens Yoga for sure and that always feels good on the body a…