Whew B2 is a beast!! Today's J Rock rocked me!!:) haha

D3 Hundred....simply put this dude is a wicked man!!! Great transformation doing bodyweight training!
The above video is an awesome story you'll want to watch and get inspired by! He was a high level power lifter turned bodyweight master 3 years ago! Now today still at 300+ he's crushing bodyweight training!! Perfect for todays J Rock workout!!! Hey hey hey:)
Yesterday was Boomerang 2...the leg version of B1 which we did on monday and it was a bear! The 45/45 clearly kicked my butt as the last time i did this it was 30/30 and i still had some left in the tank. This time though i hit a wall and barely matched some of the rep numbers i did last time in 30 seconds.
Today was J Rock and perhaps i was a bit fatiqued and did not put up the numbers i wanted...still it was an awesome workout and for sure gives me high hopes for beating my numbers next wednesday!
MBG 1 restoration - did Eischens Yoga beginner sequence both days with a bit longer work on the back dome pose as i love that pose:)
MBG 2 training - B1 and J Rock
Boomerang 1:
  1. 36" box jump - 20 reps (still not 100% in my left knee so i dont do plyo jumps back up = slower:)
  2. 40k swings to shoulders - 27 reps (okay at this point my heart is already getting pretty high:)
  3. 24" lat. box jumps - 24 (it's official now, my HR is zooming!!:)
  4. 40k's deadlift - 24 (noticing it is hard to get recovered, i think each week it will get better though)
  5. 24" 1 leg step ups, left, rest 45, right, rest 45 - 19/19 (at this point having hard time upping #'s)
  6. JGXT leg curls - 33 (really getting crushed here and having very hard time keeping hips up)
  7. 48k deep squat off 12" boxes touch floor - 20 (same as i did for 30 seconds!! last week)
obviously this workout was very very challenging for me...that is cool:) I'd like to hear from you all on this as well as i do not want us all dead to the world afterwards:) haha but feeling good afterwards. After the workout i thought about this and thought we can also do this whole thing bodyweight too. SO i did Power Jumper broad jumps (two Red cables) for 10 jumps as far as possible (without cheating between jumps:) (this can replace 40k swings) in the 45 second time period and it worked great! I got 20.5 yards on 10 jumps and finished at about 40 seconds which is fine...so room to grow next week. Then the next 45 second set i did GHD's with sandbags on my heels (80lbs worked fine) and with hands behind my head did 18 reps...again this worked perfect and can replace deadlifts! Lastly i used the same 2 reds on the PJ and squatted down to a 12" box and quickly stood up for a deep full squat and man did this one catch up to me!!...i got 20 and was crashing and burning at the end!! a great substitute. So there you have some great ways to make this whole thing bodyweight, portable and perfect for travel:)
Then Core 45/45 of BXT with 70lb cable full power wheel rollouts x 10, then 20k levers x 20, then power wheel crawl x 55 yards, then on knees power wheel rollouts to chest x 20 = 105 total:) great!!

J Rock (070611): 3 x 20 total reps each set (1st round / 2nd round / 3rd round)
  1. Bar Muscle ups x 3/2/1, Around the Worlds x 1/2/2, Side 2 sides x 2/2/2, L seat chins x 3/1/1, Chins x 4/2/2, Kips x 4/9/9
  2. Free HSPU with slight kick x 5/4/3, wall press up x 2/2/2, box muscle up x 6/5/5, planche dips x 4/4/3, tiger push ups x 3/5/7
my form was very strict on all of these and once i lost form or missed a rep i stopped and walked to write down my score, then to next exercise...so about 15 seconds between.
Got to say the bar muscle ups are challenging but i'm happy i can pretty much get them now on a low bar too (about 6') which makes kipping a bit harder. If you cannot do them then do the jump muscle ups like D3 hundred does...it helps alot for sure!! helps to get the arms popping over the bar part down!
After this i went back and practiced some more bxt full rollouts for 4 sets of 5 with 1 red 60lb cable.
MBG 3 - plant based eating:)
  1. maca cafe'
  2. spinach, mixed greens, bell peppers, onions, hummus (small wrap)
  3. organic food bar
  4. kombucha
  5. baby spinach, banana, lifes basics smoothie
  6. sprouted ezekial tortilla, hummus, avocado, eggless tofu salad, peppers, onions, carrots, rice, beans
  7. kombucha 
  8. kale, sweet potato, black beans
whew this has been a great week of training so far and i'm really excited about it and look forward to getting really good on everything over the next 8 weeks!!!
now drink some aqua and rest:) haha
peace my friends!


  1. Jon,
    B2 was definitely a killer workout. I will post my numbers up later. I also have to do J-Rock today too. The deadlifts yesterday was what really killed me.
    Now that you have put the ideas for the total bodyweight workout, for fridays clean and press would you do some kind of jump or maybe a hip extension followed by a handstand pushup. You commented on this the other day but I am not quite sure what you meant.

  2. JH awesome idea with the body weight version of B2. I am going to try this one for sure next week as I am still fried form the weighted B2 Tuesday (Thursday here in Oz) which is effecting my other workout results.

    I especially like the seated box power jumps. We did these on power day last week with 3 green cables 4 reps on the minute for 10 minutes instead of dead stop cleans, awesome substitute.

    Everyone is loving the workouts mate. Great stuff.

  3. That workout is SIC, Jonny!!! I dig all the power jumped squats and jumps, I need to get me a PJ for my home...

    I will talk 2 u soon, bruddah

    I've been doin' mainly KB and BW workouts, but also surfing, skateboarding and lots of playing w/the kids, feeling kid but still need 2 move heavy weights, D3Hundred is my long lost bro, ha ha

    Lemme know if you're gonna hit Chi Town for summer at all Jonny, or only Madison

    Talk soon, homie!


  4. (Followed the weights and heights stated in workout)
    Box jumps- 21
    Swings- 25
    Lateral Box Jumps- 21
    Deadlift- 10
    1 Leg Squats- 15 and 15
    XT curls- 25
    Suitcase Squats- 20

    Bar Muscle ups x 5/4/2, S2S x 1/2/2, In and Out 5/5/6, L seat chins x 4/4/5, Chins x 5/5/5
    Free HSPU with slight kick x 2/2/4, wall press up x 4/5/5, planche dips x 4/5/6, tiger push ups x 10/8/5

    The workouts are great and I think its awesome to can be a part of it.

  5. The 8 week cycle workouts have definitely been challenging - but not overwhelming.

    30" box jumps x 11
    90# DB swings x 17
    24" lateral box jumps x 16
    185# BB deadlift x 7
    1 leg squat off 24" box x 5each (will change this to low box 1 leg squat)
    JGXT leg curls x 17
    105# DB sumo squat with 12" boxes x 9 (will change to 6" boxes, 12" was too high)

    40# DB lever x 9
    PW crawl x 30 yds
    PW rollouts to chest x 8
    20# DB touchdowns x 8each

    S2S x 4/5/6
    In/out x 5/4/4
    L-seat x 3/4/3
    Pullup x 5/4/4
    Band pulldown x 3/3/3

    Wall press up (to airex pad) x 6/7/7
    High bar planche dips x 8/7/8
    Pushups x 6/6/5

  6. man you guys got it right on my brothers!! right on!! glad to see you guys modified it perfect too! cant wait to see how we all improve in the next 8 weeks!!!
    great job!!

  7. with regards to "D3 Hundred....simply put this dude is a wicked man!!! Great transformation doing bodyweight training!" - any idea what exercises he was doing each day, kinda of a sample routine???........love body weight exercising and i have not seen some of the techniques in the video. great stuff!!

  8. hey croft, he's doing one of two ways i think that most bw guys do:
    daily training, never failure, repeat combos alot
    3 days a week; this is how we train at the mbg and it's been working great!!
    hope you can join us on our 8 week cycle that started monday


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