Week 4 of 8 vlog and my own muscle ups:) haha interesting point:)

Well the business of last week has hit me a bit today:) haha so i listened to my body and toned it down for today and did more simple exercises and it worked great!! This is what the video is about today. Explaining that IF you are not feeling well to tone it down, it's okay:) It's a challenging 8 week cycle and doing a modified version of one of the 5 workouts is totally cool to do once in a while. Heck, doing maintainance work for weeks is even totally okay as it keeps your body feeling good....and that is good right:)
MBG 1 - restoration; Eischens Yoga beginner sequence yesterday and gonna do supine bridge only tonight as a relaxation pose and then about 7 minutes of breath work to help me relax even more and see how that helps me sleep tonight:) cause it for sure makes me chilled out big time after i do that at the end of each EY class!!
MBG 2 - training: Monday & Tuesday workouts
MONDAY - Heavy 75% push ups and chin ups, then Boomerang 45/45
Push ups - 3x4+60kg...nice and strong pops up on each rep
Chin ups - 3x2+24kg...did not feel so strong on this but still got them but challenging.
  1. HSPU's - 14 (10) New PR (up 1 rep) the 10 in a row is one of my bests in many years!!!
  2. Bar MU's - 8 this is down 1 rep from last time i did this workout in madison 2 weeks ago, last week did 9 in a row in chicago but ALL WALK UPS!! which i do not like doing. If you're not sure what a walk up MU is it's when you pop one elbow over the bar like walking up then the other....it's a MU but not a good one....so i'm working on it and might modify my Bar MU's so i do only pure ones....we'll see:)
  3. Dips - 32 with 20lb vest New PR (up 4 reps)
  4. Kips - 27 with 20lb vest New PR (up 2 reps from last time i had vest on)
  5. Push ups - 34 with 20lb vest New PR (up 2 reps)
  6. JGXT MU's - 16 with 20lb vest (down 1 rep)
  7. Tiger push ups - 16 with 20lb vest new exercise with vest
  8. JGXT body rows - 27 with 20lb vest (down 1 rep)
          1. TOTAL = 174 NEW PR (up 5 reps! since last 20lb vest one) 
  1. Pistols L - 10s each leg (lightly got assistance from a bar infront of me)
  2. PJ 120 deadlift - 21 with hands behind head, this really was pretty dang hard...liked it alot!
  3. 24" 1 leg step up - 18s this is down from last week, but i did less momentum more strict reps!
  4. PJ 120 alt. toe touch - 12s great old school exercise, feet wide, right hand left foot, stand, etc...really gave me a great extension work with rotation which really makes it great especially with PJ!!
  5. PJ 120 FUL - 16s very hard exercise!! both stirrups on lead foot and worked great!!
  6. GHD's - 15, w/hands on head, then cross chest, then at sides for amap ascending: 5,5,5...great!!
  7. PJ 120 squat to 6" box then stand - 16...this was great!! very hard:)
        1. TOTAL = 107 reps!! liked this alot and may repeat this as it's very simple and can be done anywhere pretty much!
MBG 3 eating of plants:)
  • spice tea
  • blueberries, banana, walnuts, plant protein, rice milk
  • organic food bar
  • kombucha
  • ezekial wrap, hummus, tofu, lots of kale, cholula sauce, sweet potato
  • spice tea
  • kale, black beans, sweet potato
  • organic food bar
Looking forward to J Rock tomorrow!!


  1. Always good to listen to your body :) I am curious about the breathwork you mentioned. Any details would be welcomed. :) Take care my friend.

  2. sure brad, the breathwork i do is actually in the NEW:) EY dvd we did...during the rest pose portion where this time we completely explained it and went thru the whole thing.
    rest comfortably, breath in thru nose, hold, out thru mouth, hold sort of like that with specific cues throughout. it does work great too:)

  3. HSPU- 30
    MU - 5 jumping because I only had a big thick bar and I just couldn't do normal ones
    Dips w/ PPU 80 lbs - 22
    Kips - 20
    Pushups w/PPU - 20
    XT MU -20
    Tiger Pushups -16
    Rows- 25
    Total = 158 which is down from 242 without the PPU last week

    Box jump- 17
    broad jump w/ Power jumper-10
    Lateral box jump-16
    1 leg step up-16/16
    leg curls w/ power wheel-23
    squat w/ Power jumper-22
    Total = 133

  4. Thanks Jon. Really looking forward to the new EY DVD. That stuff is the key!!

  5. good to hear brad:) hope you'll like it! i really like it alot!!
    matthew - man your crushing it!! keep up the great work and see if you can get up to 200 with the power push up! that would be awesome!!


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